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Affiliate in Good Standing Cookbook PowerPoint Presentation
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Affiliate in Good Standing Cookbook

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Affiliate in Good Standing Cookbook

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Affiliate in Good Standing Cookbook

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  1. As of January 17, 2012 Insights into what it means to be an Affiliate in Good Standing Affiliate in Good StandingCookbook This slide deck is a subset of the obligations and the Affiliate Agreement is the official source of Affiliate obligations (Affiliate Agreement v15)

  2. Overview • Benefits • Engagement in WGs • Access to standards & IGs • Participation in Decision Making • Ballots • Certification • Responsibilities • Fees • Reporting

  3. Benefits of an HL7 Affiliate • Become part of HL7 International • Access to standards, documents and meetings at reduced price • Create local implementation Guides that meet your country’s need • Vote on Standards and Governance • Vote in the International Council • Have direct access to HL7 Board • Access to international best practices around the world • Network with like-minded professionals and groups • Be part of a vibrant global community commited to interoperability! How to Become an HL7 Affiliate

  4. Benefits for the National eHealth Program • Influence the strategic direction and priorities of HL7 to advance national interests • Facilitate the capability of local experts to raise issues, negotiate, and influence HL7 standards that are suitable for domestic implementation, which subsequently supports the national standards strategy to adopt, adapt or develop • Leverage international standards expertise, tools and other resources • Strengthen the international marketability of national health information system products • Ensure value for the investment in license and other fees (e.g., pushing for changes to the tooling) How to Become an HL7 Affiliate

  5. Benefits for the National eHealth Program (con’t) • influence the development of international HL7 standards solutions that should contribute to the interoperability of domestic EHR and EMR systems •  Facilitate the understanding of the future direction of HL7 standards and opportunities for new standards to meet gaps • Coordinate solicited feedback from national stakeholders on international ballots, as well as delegates who represent local interests at international meetings, thus bringing a harmonized and cost effective voice for those standards to be used locally • Ensure the enhanced compatibility of information system applications produced by multinational vendors and to the local market • Address and resolve issues of standards gaps and overlaps among SDOs which are locally applicable How to Establsh an HL7 Affiliate

  6. Minimum Commitment • Fees • Certification • Reporting • Membership • Annual program • Governance

  7. Fees • The first years is $1000 • Fees (as below) paid within ninety (90) days following the beginning of the Affiliate’s fiscal or Membership Year • 20% of all Membership Fees collected by the Affiliate during the Membership Year just ended or terminated, as the case may be, plus • 20% of the gross sales of HL7 Protocol Specifications collected by the Affiliate during the Membership Year just ended or terminated, as the case may be, only if such sales are granted under section 6.3.4 or • US $1,000 (One thousand US Dollars), whichever is greater.

  8. Certification • Pay to HL7 International a fee equating to 25% of the Affiliate's Certification fee for each certification test proctored during the Term, due upon receipt of invoice from HL7 International

  9. Annual Filings • Affiliate will accompany the annual payment with: • A financial statement showing the calculation of fees on the basis of the Affiliate’s preceding fiscal or Membership year. • The Affiliate’s membership categories; and the criteria and membership fees associated with those categories of membership. • The number of members in each membership category at the end of the Affiliate’s preceding fiscal or membership year. • A status report describing the Affiliate’s meetings, activities and achievements for the preceding year; anticipated activities for the upcoming year; and current risks/issues of concern to the Affiliate. • A copy of the register of licensed parties that downloaded the HL7 Protocol Specifications

  10. Governance • Operate according to the following basic principles: • Open membership. Membership in the Affiliate shall be open to all persons and entities with an interest in health informatics standards within its Territory. • Democratic election of the executive and technical leadership of the Affiliate. • Establishment of the Affiliate as a not-for-profit organization. • Balloting rules that are consensus-based; majority-qualified (e.g. more than 60% affirmative of the combined "yes" and "no" votes); and include an obligation to seek satisfactory resolution of negative votes.

  11. Annual Work program • Meetings • Website • Education • Outreach • Certification • Respond to Ballots • Attendance at WGs once a year • Questionnaires • For more information: Diana Stephens