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  1. Cookbook images.php

  2. Cookbook: DNA I am the source of the master knowledge of chefs over the years. Though I cannot leave the pantry, all cooking wisdom comes from me. What am I? Answer: I am DNA, the famous double helix, the source of all the information required to build cell proteins and structure.

  3. The Copyist

  4. The Copyist: RNA Polymerase I copy the recipes from the master cookbook to distribute to the kitchen for the cooks to make. What am I? Answer: I am RNA Polymerase, the enzyme that unzips DNA to make an mRNA copy of the gene.

  5. The Recipe Card

  6. The Recipe Card: mRNA I am a transcribed copy of the recipe from the master cookbook. I am directions followed by the chef to create the food. What am I in the cell? Answer: I am mRNA – transcribed from DNA to provide the working copy of the gene. I will provide instructions to the ribosomes to bind amino acids together in the right order.

  7. The Chef

  8. The Chef: A Ribosome I am the heart of the kitchen. Using a recipe card and ingredients, I prepare ono food. What am I? Answer: I am a ribosome. Made of protein and rRNA, I take the information in mRNA and use it to translate the mRNA message into an amino acid sequence that will become a protein.

  9. The Faulty Recipe

  10. The Faulty Recipe: Viral RNA I am a suspicious looking recipe that if cooked would create poisonous food. What am I? Answer: I am viral or other intruder RNA which would make the ribosome create proteins that are bad for the cell, and eventually more viruses to infect other cells.

  11. The Food Service Inspector

  12. The Food Service Inspector: RNAi Molecule I patrol the kitchen, looking for suspicious recipes and tearing them up before they can be made into poisonous food. What am I? Answer: I am the RNAi molecule, a complex of enzymes and RNA which allow me to identify dangerous RNA and destroy it.

  13. Ingredients for Food

  14. Ingredients for Food: Amino Acids I am the critical ingredients required for producing the recipes for ono food. Without me, there would be no food made. What am I? Answer: I am amino acids, waiting to form peptide bonds with the help of a ribosome.

  15. Bread, Pancakes, Biscuits, Muffins$file/breads.gif

  16. Food: Cellular Proteins I am the end product of this complex process. Bread, pancakes, biscuits, or muffins – from the same basic starting ingredients, come different yummy things to nourish the body. What am I? Answer: I am the many cellular proteins that are required to make a cell function. Enzymes, hemoglobin, keratin in your hair, ATP Synthetase, and pepsinogen are just a few examples. Cells would not exist without me.

  17. Nucleus cell/nucleus.htm