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Do Now. Someone is hypnotized and kills a random person that walks by them. Are they legally responsible for their crime? Should they go to jail ?. Hypnosis. Hypnosis Video. Las Vegas Performance – for fun. What do you think about hypnosis?. It is a form of mind control

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Do Now

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Presentation Transcript
do now
Do Now
  • Someone is hypnotized and kills a random person that walks by them. Are they legally responsible for their crime? Should they go to jail?
hypnosis video
Hypnosis Video
  • Las Vegas Performance – for fun
what do you think about hypnosis
What do you think about hypnosis?
  • It is a form of mind control
  • It is capable of taking over other people's free will.
  • It is brainwashing.
  • It is capable of controlling a person's behavior and judgment.
  • It is caused by the hypnotist's power.
  • Hypnosis is possible only upon weak-minded individuals.
  • Hypnosis is used to treat obesity, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears and habits, such as quitting smoking.
opinions continued
Opinions, Continued
  • Hypnosis is used to alleviate the pain associated with cancer and other chronic illnesses.
  • Hypnosis is also used in dentistry to decrease anxieties and make patients feel more comfortable with the dental experience.
  • Hypnosis is used to treat skin diseases.
  • Hypnosis is used in the educational field to increase memory and learning capacity as well as focus and energy.
  • Hypnosis is also used to improve self-esteem and confidence.
  • A state of inner absorption, concentration & focused attention
  • Like a magnifying glass in the sun
use of hypnsosis
Use of Hypnsosis
  • Memory
  • Concentration improvement
  • Forensic work
how it works
How it works
  • 1. Encourage the use of imagination
  • 2. Present ideas or suggestions to the patient
  • 3. Avoids the censor of the conscious mind and works with the unconscious
  • You won’t forget anything
  • People are not asleep
  • You will not reveal information you wish to keep secret
partner jigsaw 5 minutes
Partner Jigsaw – 5 minutes
  • ½ of your table will read “What Hypnosis Isn’t”
  • The other ½ of your table will read “What Hypnosis Is”
as a team
As a team…
  • Share what you have read with each other
  • Check your answers for questions 1-13
youtube clip
Youtube Clip
  • 1. Describe the scene.
  • 2. Which items in your earlier discussions apply to the segment?
  • 3. According to the reading you have just done, do you think the hypnosis is real? Explain it.
  • 4. Do you believe it is possible to hypnotize someone like it happened in the segment? Why (not)?
  • 5. Would you like to be hypnotized? Why (not)?
  • 6. If you could be hypnotized, what would you like to happen?
  • 7. In your opinion, is hypnosis really possible? Why?