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A Complete Guide To Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire Gemstone also known as Neelam is one of the most fascinating gemstones in the world. This PPT explains about Blue Sapphire gemstone and its properties and its uses.

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A Complete Guide To Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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  1. A Complete Guide To Blue Sapphire Gemstone SehdevJewellers.com +91 9216 11 6688

  2. Introduction Blue Sapphire is also known as Neelam and is a naturally occurring gemstone that is compose of corundum and is usually found in igneous rocks an in alluvial deposits.

  3. Physical Properties • Carat • Cut • Clarity • Color

  4. Carat The size of Blue Sapphire gemstone varies considerably as these stones are found from dense rocks and forests. A 536 carat star sapphire is Star of India and is largest gem in world.

  5. Cut They can be cut in shapes like round, square, and cushion.

  6. Clarity The most striking feature of Blue Sapphire is Color zoning and silk. Other types of visible inclusions are crystals and feathers.

  7. Color The diversity of Blue Sapphire color range from light blue to dark blue. The best quality Sapphires are found in Kashmir.

  8. Sources • The three most famous regions for blue sapphire are Kashmir, Burma and Sri Lanka. • Sapphire has also been mined in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

  9. Jewelry The fascinating blue color of the sapphire is considered to be one of the most beautiful color which attracts each pair of eyes toward it and is widely used in jewelry items.

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