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Astrological Facts about Saturn Gemstone Blue Sapphire by Ajatt Oberoi! PowerPoint Presentation
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Astrological Facts about Saturn Gemstone Blue Sapphire by Ajatt Oberoi!

Astrological Facts about Saturn Gemstone Blue Sapphire by Ajatt Oberoi!

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Astrological Facts about Saturn Gemstone Blue Sapphire by Ajatt Oberoi!

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  3. KNOW MORE ABOUT SATURN GEMSTONE BLUE SAPPHIRE: • The concoction recipe of Blue sapphire is aluminum oxide. Unique Blue Sapphire has a light shade of blue shading. This is likewise a hard jewel. Legends encompass this jewel as this has the quickest and brisk impact on its wearer. It is additionally accepted that this pearl has just two boundaries possibly it will demonstrate valuable or it will do mischief to its wearer-no halfway. In a close planetary system, Saturn is considered as an ace who educates discipline.

  4. BLUE SAPPHIRE ACCORDING TO HOROSCOPE: In astrology, diamond stones are suggested based on the position of planets in a horoscope. Saturn controls our nerves and signifies persistence, order, limitations and open effortlessness. Blue Sapphire administers this planet who is master of two Signs to be specific Capricorn and Aquarius of the zodiac. Saturn is a moderate moving planet emanating blue shading. Saturn is commonly known for snags. Negative Saturn causes mortification, impediments and furthermore causes detachment from the advantages of house it indicates, if malefic. It makes an individual uninterested, insidious, lazy and misleading. Saturn likewise makes an individual to hold save nature, diligent employee and straight forward. Ground-breaking Saturn favors the individual with accomplishment in life because of his difficult work. Blue Sapphire ought to be utilized if Saturn is giving malefic outcomes in the outline. • Blue Sapphire guarantees certainty and upgrades the positive vitality of Saturn. Relations with laborers and work class are improved and the wearer gets their co-tasks. Industrialists should wear this diamond, with the interview of scholarly astrologer, to keep away from strikes in their processing plants due to non-helpful demeanor of assembly line laborers. Saturn has a significant job while watching a graph. It signifies the sensory system in the body. On the off

  5. • chance that Saturn is certain and incredible in the horoscope, the individual will have tolerance, instinct force and will be liberal, enthusiastic and prosperous. In the event that Saturn is feeble by arrangement in the diagram or is in crippled state or is in adversary sign, the ideal aftereffects of Saturn just as the house it indicates can't be normal. The individual needs certainty and experiences insecurity, limitations, obstructions, absence of certainty, sorrow and disappointments.

  6. AT THE POINT WHEN SATURN IS SET IN THE OUTLINE WITH SUN, MOON, MARS AND RAHU, IT GIVES NEGATIVE OUTCOMES. • In Astrology, the position of Saturn in specific houses is liable for Sadhe Sati (Seven and half years time span) or dhaiya (Two and a half year duration). These periods by and large bring misfortune as it can cause detachment from the advantages of the houses Saturn indicates. Sadhe Sati is shaped when Saturn travels twelfth from the Moon, the Moon sign and the second house from the Moon. Diamonds influence the unpretentious vitality field of an individual. (To comprehend unobtrusive vitality, see our article Theory of Subtle Energy). Our vitality and perspective and as needs be the activities (karmas) are administered by this unobtrusive vitality. On the off chance that malefic planets are set with Saturn in the graph, Blue Sapphire can be worn. In any case, at last before wearing this pearl, the horoscope ought to be examined by learned Astrologer in Mumbai Ajatt Oberoi.

  7. HOW SATURN GEMSTONE BLUE SAPPHIRE SHOWS ITS EFFECT: At the point when Blue Sapphire is worn in a ring, the constantly vibrating intensity of Saturn is caught up in the person's air. Accordingly, the emanation turns out to be all the more impressive to shield the person from any snag caused through any outside contrary vitality. The wearer is honored with flourishing, fortune, popularity, satisfaction, life span. • The wearer picks up certainty and feels enthusiastic and dynamic. Blue Sapphire is additionally prescribed for the individuals who are running time of sadhe sati. It can decrease the deterrents or issues caused through sade sati to least. It is additionally accepted that Blue Sapphire keeps the wearer from hostile stares. Saturn likewise shows long and interminable infections. The individuals who are in the field of medical procedure, transport, deal and acquisition of land/mines, machines, oil and so on should wear Blue Sapphire with the interview of scholarly Astrologer like Ajatt Oberoi.

  8. • Ajatt Oberoi is the best astrologer in Mumbai Who has specialized in planetary activities and the world's path. Many world events have astrological implications. He studies various theories. He knows about the stars, and just how they interact with the planet planets. • Medical issues Cure by Blue Sapphire: Negative, malefic or feeble Saturn signifies long and incessant ailment like bones and knee issues, ailment, loss of motion, craziness, absence of vitality level and so on. Wearing Blue Sapphire can help in relieving these maladies.

  9. Step by step instructions to wear Satur Gemstone Blue Sapphire: • • Blue Sapphire might be installed in Silver and ring ought to be worn on Saturday night (Shukla Paksha) subsequent to dunking the ring in Gangajal or un-bubbled milk and empowering the Gem with the recommended mantras. • Blue Sapphire is commonly viewed as a cool Gemstone of Saturn. • "The (Blue) sapphire is unpleasant, warm and great in cold and biliousness, and lightens the fury of Sani (Saturn) when worn." – Mani Mala, Part II, 68. "The man who wears a (blue) sapphire of perfect purity, discovers favor with Narayana and obtains life span, family poise, acclaim comprehension and riches." – Mani Mala, Part I, 419. "The lapis lazuli is delicate, flavorfully cool, and healing of biliousness and is propitious." – Mani Mala, Part II, 69.

  10. Blue sapphire is the gemstone prescribed for fortifying Saturn. Blue sapphire should just be worn after a Vedic gemologist Ajatt Oberoi the best astrologer in India cautiously analyzes your outline with a Vedic gemstone remedy because of Saturn's malefic effect on specific people's diagrams. Be that as it may, it very well may be useful to vocation or work and can advance sentiments of self-happiness or separation. It likewise may now and again neutralize jealousy and give security while voyaging and free a person from mental and enthusiastic tensions. Genuinely, it is said to fortify bones and wash down the blood, as Saturn manages the bones. • • Profoundly, blue sapphire can help in contemplation and increment mystic and perceptive capacities. • Many blue sapphires are heat-treated to improve the force of shading, just as to free the jewel of incorporations. Many blue sapphires are sold as common, yet upon close, master assessment they are seen as warmth treated to improve their appearance, which truly hurts the diamond's utilization for enthusiastic and mending purposes.

  11. Hotspots for common, unheated sapphires are Kashmir, a wellspring of the best and most costly blue sapphires on the planet, yet they are incredibly uncommon. Additionally, they are found in Sri Lanka and India. Different hotspots for blue sapphires are Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, U.S. (Montana), and Australia. • Substitutes Gems • Lapis, Amethyst, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, (Some state Iolite and Indicolite substitute also) • • Saturn Planetary Mantra = Om Sam Sanaye Namaha (ohm shum shuneeyay nahmahhah) Require a counsel on a structure for an astral charm which can recognizably improve your vitality and life. Ajatt Oberoi, the best astrologer in India gives characteristic, untreated gemstones reasonable for astrological remedies. •