why should you wear blue sapphire gemstone beads n.
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Why should you wear blue sapphire gemstone beads PowerPoint Presentation
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Why should you wear blue sapphire gemstone beads

Why should you wear blue sapphire gemstone beads

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Why should you wear blue sapphire gemstone beads

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  1. Why should you wear blue sapphire gemstone beads?

  2. Blue sapphire is a gemstone bead that occurs naturally and is composed of aluminium oxide with slight traces of cobalt and various other metals. A blue sapphire gemstone bead has a significant amount of sparkle and might display different colours when viewed from different angles.

  3. Astrological Benefits Blue sapphire is governed by the mighty lord Saturn and has the ability to flourish the wearer instantly for a lifetime. But incorrectly using the gemstone bead can destroy him too. This stone is renowned to bestow the wearers with great rewards in his profession or business by appeasing Saturn and eliminating its negative movements within the horoscope. Other astrological benefits of Blue sapphire include lots of fame and fortune in creative efforts or political ambitions. Further, the stone strengthens the weakened Saturn and blesses the wearer with abundant wealth and healthiness.

  4. Healing Properties Blue sapphire is related to purity and love. It enhances the wearer’s throat chakra and aids the person’s communication skills. Furthermore, it encourages the wearer to remain on the spiritual path and experience the final healing of mind and body by unplugging all the blockages creating hindrance.

  5. Blue Sapphire Origins Mines of Blue sapphires are discovered in Kashmir (India), Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, and America. The blue sapphires found in Kashmir are rated the very best in terms of quality, due to their purplish-blue hue and a velvety texture. Sri Lanka’s Ceylon blue sapphires also are considered to be of excellent quality. Birthstone A birthstone may be a gemstone that accompanies a birth month. Each of the twelve months is related to single or multiple gemstones. Blue sapphire is the birthstone of September. In the past, it had been believed that this stone protects your loved ones from harm. It also represented loyalty and trust.

  6. Clarity – Finding a wonderfully clear stone is extremely rare, since, visible inclusions are always present in them thanks Four Factors to pick best Blue Sapphires While choosing the simplest blue sapphire, you would like to consider these four important factors. Cut – A lot of things depend on the cut and therefore the shape of sapphire. A fine cut can increase the brightness of the blue sapphire. Further, an oval or circular shaped blue sapphire stone is cheaper in comparison to a square or other custom shaped ones.

  7. Colour – As aforementioned, purplish-blue or ‘true blue’ sapphires are the foremost desirable ones. These vividly bright gemstones are costlier as compared to blue sapphires which are too dark or too grey. Carat weight – It’s a rare occasion to seek out this stone that has both high carat weight and high clarity at the same time. Hence for such sapphires, the worth is very high. Blue Sapphire Works with Gold or Silver.

  8. Expert astrologers suggest wearing a blue sapphire with only gold or silver. It's best to get it studded in gold or silver ring and wear it within the finger of the right hand. You can also customize it into a pendant or a bracelet, as per your specific needs. Most significantly, the blue sapphire must touch the wearer’s skin so as to avail its benefits. To buy faceted sapphire beads, visit Ratna Sagar Jewels. The company has a large collection of exceptional quality AAA certified gemstone beads.

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