tips for a successful blue sapphire gemstone test n.
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Tips for a Successful Blue Sapphire Gemstone Test & Trial PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for a Successful Blue Sapphire Gemstone Test & Trial

Tips for a Successful Blue Sapphire Gemstone Test & Trial

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Tips for a Successful Blue Sapphire Gemstone Test & Trial

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  1. Tips for a Successful Blue Sapphire Gemstone Test & Trial Bio Link - sapphire-gemstone-test-trial-c4cdb06b7e97 India is a country of gods & spirituality has its own special space in the hearts of people here. Though many people are superstitious, still Indian Spirituality has been acknowledged for its time tested and tried principles. Some people even say that there is a science behind it.

  2. Spirituality is incomplete without astrology and astrology is incomplete without gems! India is naturally blessed with various types of gems that are found underground. Almost all of the gems have been symbolized with some god or goddess. Among all of the colorful, precious gems, Blue Sapphire Gemstone is different and known as the gem of Lord Shani. Many of us want to wear this gem in the form of rings or chains as they feel it is a spiritual way to reach Lord Shani. Some of us are over-anxious, always fearful, and emotional. This gem has proven to be emphatic for such persons if & only if, the gem is tried and tested. If a competent expert and astrologer ask you to test a Blue Sapphire, then you must opt for it. If Blue Sapphire is indicated in your birth chart, and you are pretty sure about the quality of gem you are thinking to buy then there is no need to try it. Simply make sure that it’s a true Jyotish Gemstone free from flaws.

  3. There are some smart tips everyone should follow to get rewarding results from the Blue Sapphire Gemstone. These tips are important and being used for many years by our ancestors. Let’s have a sneak peek on such smart tips. 1.Do the trial in the ‘Pratyantar Dasha’ Period of a planet that is posted well in the chart. Also, avoid doing trial during the operation of malefic and stressful periods. 2.Always choose a Day when the transit of the Moon is auspicious in your chart. Good Gochara and Chandrabala increase the chance of suiting of the Blue Sapphire to a great extent. The following transits of the moon are effective for a Blue Sapphire Trial

  4. (1st,2nd,3rd,5th,6th,7th,9th,10th, 11th). Also, ensure that when you are trying out the Blue Sapphire you are free from any physical ailments such as Fever, Flu, etc. It will lead to failure in your operation. 3.Before tying the Blue Sapphire on the Trial Night contemplate, meditate and pray to your favorite God or Goddess and ask for blessings that the Blue Sapphire suit you and bring you good luck and news in your life soon. 4.Being the ruler of Blue Sapphire gem, pray to Lord Shani & ask him to bless you with all the grace and success in the trial. This is a very important step as it will boost up your confidence and you are more likely to succeed thereafter, as they always say, well begun is half done! 5.Be Free from anxiety, fear, and look forward to a successful test. If your Astrologer has made a good recommendation and the Blue Sapphire is Jyotish Quality the Blue Sapphire shall surely suit you and Lord Saturn shall bless you. Be hopeful, optimistic, and look forward to the next day. If you follow these Tips, then Blue Sapphire Beads will suit you and you shall successfully and safely wear the Blue Sapphire with confidence and gain good results.

  5. Remember, keep it simple and results will always follow you. Source - for-a-successful-blue-sapphire-gemstone-test-trial- c4cdb06b7e97