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Peter Štoffa , Richard Kaščák II.D PowerPoint Presentation
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Peter Štoffa , Richard Kaščák II.D

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Peter Štoffa , Richard Kaščák II.D - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interesting places in the Prešov Region. Peter Štoffa , Richard Kaščák II.D. Contens. Church of St. Egidius Town Hall Square Museum of folk architecture Military museum Dukla battlefield Photo gallery. Church of St. Egidius. The most important monument

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peter toffa richard ka k ii d

Interestingplaces in the Prešov Region

Peter Štoffa, Richard Kaščák II.D


Churchof St. Egidius


Museumof folk architecture


Dukla battlefield


church of st egidius
Churchof St. Egidius

The most important monument

Inscribed in the UNESCO

Gothicbasilicaofficiallycompletedat 1518

11 late gothicaltars

top wood-carving work in Slovakia - The statue The Chair of Mercy

Situated in TownHallSquare


town hall square



is bordered by bourgeois houses

ground is covered by river-stone pavement.

museum of folk architecture
Museumof folk architecture

One of the oldest open-air museum in Slovakia

It has an area of ​​1.5 hectares

30 objects of traditional folk architecture of the Upper Saris

embroidered costumes, folk shoes and many other craft products.

military museum

Part ofmuseum in Piešťany

Followsthemuseumof Dukla

Opened in 1969, 25th anniversary

Interested in themilitaryhistoryof Slovakia, especiallyKarpathian-Duklaoperation,

expositional, depository and administration rooms

10 181 collectionitems

dukla battlefield
Dukla battlefield

Nationalcultural monument

Located in North-Eastof Slovakia

RemindusliberationbattlesofRedArmy in WorldWar II

the most tragicmilitaryopperation in Slovakia

Devided on Dukla, Soviet Armymemorial and DeathValley