is kangaroo meat good to eat do you eat it does it taste like whale blubber n.
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Is kangaroo meat good to eat? Do you eat it? Does it taste like whale blubber? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is kangaroo meat good to eat? Do you eat it? Does it taste like whale blubber?

Is kangaroo meat good to eat? Do you eat it? Does it taste like whale blubber?

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Is kangaroo meat good to eat? Do you eat it? Does it taste like whale blubber?

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  1. Is kangaroo meat good to eat? Do you eat it? Does it taste like whale blubber? Made by Hattie and Maggie

  2. Introduction • Hi I am Hattie and this is Maggie we are about to tell you what kangaroo tastes like. Through this slide show we will share recipes and all about kangaroos. Hattie Maggie

  3. Contents! • Introduction • Contents • Kangaroo • Whale blubber • Produce • Kangaroo Recipes • Graph • Conclusion • Page 2 • Page 3 • Page 4-5 • Page 6-7 • Page 8 • Page 9-13 • Page 14 • Page 15

  4. Kangaroos!!

  5. kangaroos • Kangaroos are part of Australia’s national symbol. They are found only in Australia they are hunted for their fur. Kangaroos eat grass. A kangaroo can weigh 85kgs and it is the largest marsupial in the world. • Did you know kangaroos are actually pests and we shoot them in Australia . They are pests to the farmers and there crops.

  6. Whales!!

  7. Whales • In Australia whales are illegal to kill so not many people know what they taste like. Lucky Maggie’s dad works with a Chinese man who has eaten whale blubber and apparently it doesn’t taste like kangaroo.

  8. Produce • Kangaroo is available in the supermarket all pre-packaged. Kangaroo is a very lean meat and is very healthy because it does not have much fat. Kangaroo is red meat.

  9. Kangaroo recipes

  10. Chilli Kangaroo • 150g Roo fillet • 50g mushrooms • 20g spring onions • ½ dessert spoon garlic (crushed) • 20ml brandy • fresh chilli to own taste • 50g onion • 20ml oil • salt, pepper • ½ cup stock • 1 tsp cornflour • 2 tsp cold water • Slice all ingredients. Brown kangaroo fillets in hot frying pan with oil – leave fillets rare inside. Flame with brandy. Put kangaroo aside and add garlic and chilli to pan. Cook for one minute and add rest of ingredients except flour, water and stock. Reheat mixture for one minute and add stock and sliced kangaroo. Mix cornflour and water well. Quickly bring meat mixture back to boil and add cornflour to whole mixture. Serve with rice. TASTY YUM

  11. Warm kangaroo salad • 120g (4 oz.) kangaroo fillet 30ml (1 fl oz.)Mountain Pepper Sauce 1 cup English spinach ¼ granny smith apple½ fresh fig 6 springs of coriander 20g (1½ tablespoons) goats cheese¼ cup macadamia nuts, roasted and crushed 5ml macadamia nut oil. • THE METHOD IS ON THE NEXT PAGE. YUM TASTY

  12. Warm Kangaroo Salad • Ensure that the kangaroo fillet is free of any fat or sinew, then marinate in 15ml of Mountain Pepper Sauce. Make sure that the kangaroo is lightly covered. It’s best to marinate 24 hours ahead of time, but if you’re in a rush, 45 minutes should be fine. Cooking the kangaroo literally takes a few minutes, so prepare the salad first. Cut the figs and apples into slices and place in mixing bowl. Add the coriander, spinach and chunks of goats cheese. For the dressing, in a small bowl, whisk the remaining Mountain Pepper Sauce and macadamia nut oil together and set aside. • Now for the kangaroo. Season with a little salt, then on a hot BBQ or frying pan, sear the fillets until medium rare – usually 3-4 minutes on each side. Allow to rest for a few minutes and then thinly slice the fillet across the grain, for maximum tenderness. Add the dressing to the salad, as well as the sliced kangaroo. Toss well and serve on a large plate or bowl. Garnish with toasted, crushed macadamia nuts.

  13. Kangaroo kebabs • 1kg kangaroo meat • 2 capsicums • 2 tomatoes • 1 large onion • 2 teaspoons of curry powder • ½ cup oil • 2 tablespoons of hot sauce • Dice meat into 2cm cubes • Finely cut the capsicum, tomatoes and onion. Place these in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and let the meat marinate for 2 hours • Thread the meat on to soaked skewers and cook over hot coals or barbeque. • Cook the remaining ingredients and serve with the kebabs.

  14. Our Graph

  15. Conclusion • Thank you for reading and watching our slide show. It was really fun finding out what kangaroo tastes like and if it tastes like whale blubber. I hope you cook something delicious with the recipes that we gave you. • I hope we gave you the answer to the question in a way that made sense to you!!! To find out more recipes just look up kangaroo recipes on the internet!! GOODBYE HAVE FUN