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Revelation . Synopsis of coursework.

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Synopsis of coursework
Synopsis of coursework

  • The main character in my film has schizophrenia but isn’t aware of this, her ‘other self’ kills people and she ends up having flashbacks of the murder, just believing they are nightmares. One day she finds a body in her kitchen but has no idea of why/how its there. The film would progress to her figuring out what is going on with her and eventually figuring it out and seeking help.


  • Hero; Sadie (girl in bedroom)

  • Princess; Finding out what is happening, escaping it.

  • Villain; Sadie (girl In black coat)

  • Father; Her doctor/ Therapist - They both have more knowledge about her and what’s going on with her

  • Donor; Doctor - Gives her information about her illness


  • Equilibrium; Sadie’s ‘other self’ goes around killing people and no body knows.

  • Disruption; Sadie’s ‘other self’ gets sloppy and leaves a body in the kitchen, for Sadie to stumble across.

  • Conflict; Sadie goes on a mission to figure out who killed the body, only to find out it was herself, conflict within herself.

  • Resolution; She seeks help for her problem, goes into mental institution.

  • New Equilibrium; She is kept locked in a mental hospital so she cannot harm any more people.


  • Enigma code; Who is the girl in black In the beginning? What is she going to do to the girl.

  • Action code; The murders/finding the knife in the kitchen.

  • Semic code; Dressed all in black, connotes darkness/need to be weary of them

  • Cultural Code; Girl all dressed in black could mean danger due to being covered up.

Levi strauss

  • Binary Opposites;

  • Good/Bad

  • Strong/Vulnerable

  • Sane/Mentally Ill