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COOL TOOL Sept. 18, 2010

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COOL TOOL Sept. 18, 2010. Use Appropriate Language and Volume. WHY?. Using appropriate language shows respect for others and yourselves, and. WHY?. when we talk appropriately and at a reasonable volume, people listen more attentively. Scenario #1.

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cool tool sept 18 2010

COOL TOOLSept. 18, 2010

Use Appropriate Language and Volume

  • Using appropriate language shows respect for others and yourselves,

and . . .

  • when we talk appropriately and at a reasonable volume, people listen more attentively.
scenario 1
Scenario #1

A 7th grade boy is really angry with a classmate. This classmate has said something that hurt his feelings. The boy who is angry wants to yell swear words at his classmate but knows that if he does, the boy will probably just be meaner to him.

What should he do? . . .

scenario 11
Scenario #1
  • Take a short break then talk to the boy about what is upsetting him.
  • Talk to a teacher.
  • Talk to a support staff.
  • Ask for a mediation or contract.
scenario 2
Scenario #2

Three 8th grade girls are watching a movie at one of the girl’s houses. In the movie an angry teenager says very mean things to her mother, and the mother says lots of mean things back to the teenager. One of the 8th grade girls says, “They are saying so many mean things to each other that neither can remember what the disagreement was about.”

What can they learn from this movie?

scenario 21
Scenario #2
  • Decide to be respectful when you have disagreements with others.
  • Yelling and bad language does not solve problems. It often creates them.
  • Being yelled or cursed at does not feel good. 
scenario 3
Scenario #3

A 6th grade boy is angry at his teacher because the work he has to do seems too hard for him. He feels like he is going to start to yell mean things.

What should he do?

scenario 31
Scenario #3
  • Stop, raise his hand, and quietly ask for help from the teacher.
  • Ask the teacher if he can buddy with another student to work on assignment.
  • Take a break, then come back and ask for help.
time for practice
Time for Practice!
  • Teach students how to use “I feel…. because…..” statements to express their feelings.

example: “I feel frustrated because this math seems too hard for me.” Give more examples.

time for practice1
Time for Practice!
  • Have students role-play the following situations twice. During the first role-play have them perform the role-play in a negative way and during the second time have them use” I feel…because…” statements. Discuss the differences.
situation 1
Situation #1
  • Two students are arguing over who was first in line.
situation 2
Situation #2
  • A student is angry at two other students who wouldn’t let him play at lunch.
situation 3
Situation #3
  • A girl finds that another girl was talking about her behind her back.
situation 4
Situation #4
  • A student feels he never gets called on when his hand is raised.
A school with no swearing and quieter voices feels better, making it easier to learn and to succeed.
sshhhh . . .

Have a great day!