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PowerPoint Design Plan. Cristi Messick 10-14-13 EDTC 3332 Application Instructional Tech. Needs Assessment:.

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Powerpoint design plan

PowerPoint Design Plan

Cristi Messick


EDTC 3332 Application Instructional Tech

Needs assessment
Needs Assessment:

  • This instructional training on Microsoft PowerPoint will provide teachers with the opportunity to acquire new skills when using PowerPoint. They will be able to use those skills to better serve the parents and students in their classroom.

  • The end product, the Early Head Start teacher will have the PowerPoint they created during the training to refer back to.

Instructional goal
Instructional Goal:

  • After completing this training, Early Head Start teachers will be able to create a PowerPoint slideshow.

Performance objectives
Performance Objectives:

  • Using PowerPoint (CN) the learner will add text to PowerPoint (B) with no errors(CR).

  • Using PowerPoint (CN) the learner will add pictures to PowerPoint (B) with no errors (CR).

  • Using PowerPoint (CN) the learner will change the font style and color (B) with no errors (CR).

Learner characteristics
Learner Characteristics:

  • The target audience for this training will be Early Head Start teachers. The age of the audience will be 18 and over, gender-both male and female. High school graduate.

  • The learner must have basic computer knowledge, be able to read and follow verbal directions given by the trainer.

  • Additional information that would be necessary for the design of the training module would be the current version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Learning context
Learning Context:

  • The intended instructional setting will be in the Early Head Start computer lab. If any learner prefers to bring personal computer there will be internet access available.

Training module outline
Training Module Outline:

  • Introduction:

    (a) Overview of Training

    Welcome to this PowerPoint training. In this training you will learn how to create a PowerPoint slideshow. Not only will you create a PowerPoint during this training today but you will also be able to share this PowerPoint you created with your classroom parents.

    (b) Statement of Goal and Objectives

    Upon completion of this training you will be able to:

    * Create slides within a PowerPoint

    * Add text to the slides

    * Add pictures to the slides

    * Change font size, style, and color

    * Add animations to slides

    * Save your PowerPoint slide show.

Training module outline1
Training Module Outline:

  • Topic 1: Overview of Microsoft PowerPoint

    (a) The learner will be provided with different ways to use PowerPoint.

    (b) There will be a short video presentation about PowerPoint.

Training module outline2
Training Module Outline

  • Topic 2: Creating a PowerPoint Slideshow

    (a) The learner will learn how to create slides for the PowerPoint slideshow.

    (b) The learner will learn how to change the font size, style, and color of text in PowerPoint.

    (c) The learner will learn how to add pictures to PowerPoint.

    (d) The learner will learn how to add animation to PowerPoint.

    (e) The learner will learn how to save the PowerPoint slideshow.

Training module outline3
Training Module Outline

  • Assessment:

    The final assessment will consist of the learner completing a five page PowerPoint slideshow. There will be a rubric containing all of the essential elements that must be used by the learner on their PowerPoint slideshow.

Instructional resources
Instructional Resources:

  • The learner will need to bring any pictures that they wish to incorporate into their PowerPoint slideshow. A computer that has PowerPoint and internet access will be provided. If the learner wishes to supply their own computer they may do so. Wireless internet will be available.

Formative evaluation
Formative Evaluation:

  • Karen, a friend, is a director at an Early Head Start. She will serve as a Subject Matter Expert and review the PowerPoint and its contents. My friend Samana, who is familiar with PowerPoint will conduct a peer evaluation.

  • I will rely on the feedback from both Karen and Samana to make any changes that may be needed. Whether it takes adding sections or content to the training.


  • Upon completion of this training, Early Head Start teachers will be able to use and create PowerPoint slideshows.

  • The online instructional tutorial will provide Early Head Start teachers with the knowledge and skills to operate and create PowerPoint slideshows. The slideshows that the teachers create will inform parents of upcoming activities, show them things that we have been working on in the class with their child and give the parents tips on how to work with their child at home as well as other resources.