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PowerPoint Lesson Plan. Aaron Teter PEP Student, Wright State Education 607. The Renaissance Period. A Social Studies Lesson Plan for Seventh Grade Students. Objectives Students will be able to:. Recite major inventions of the Renaissance Era Recite 5 global changes of the Renaissance Era

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powerpoint lesson plan

PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Aaron Teter

PEP Student, Wright State

Education 607

the renaissance period

The Renaissance Period

A Social Studies Lesson Plan for Seventh Grade Students

objectives students will be able to
ObjectivesStudents will be able to:
  • Recite major inventions of the Renaissance Era
  • Recite 5 global changes of the Renaissance Era
  • List 3 artists of the Renaissance and their contributions
  • Be familiar with and able to demonstrate life and customs of the time
materials needed

“Leonardo Da Vinci”

“Queen Elizabeth I”

“The Shakespeare Stealer”

Supplies for Feast brought in by parent assistants

Assignment for Book Report

Assignment for Web Review

Materials for Castle Building

Poster Board and art supplies for Coats of Arms

Materials Needed
activity 1
Activity 1:
  • Design and build a Castle from whatever objects you like
  • To the right is Bodiam Castle, England
  • Include and label Moat, Portcullis, Buttery, Buttress, Turret
activity 1 questions
Activity 1 Questions
  • What is the name of your Castle? Why?
  • What is life like in your Castle?
  • What jobs do people in your Castle have?
  • How do you plan to defend your castle?
  • Why is your castle unique?
activity 2
Activity 2:
  • Design a Coat of Arms
  • Design should be symbolic of the qualities and strengths of yourself and members of your family
  • Produce Coat of Arms and present it to the class
activity 3
Activity 3:
  • Complete a book report about a person, event, or movement from the Renaissance
  • Examples: Queen Elizabeth I, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Printing Press, Shakespeare’s writing, etc.
book report questions
Book Report Questions
  • What is the Title and bibliographic information for your book?
  • What is the point of the book?
  • Why was this point important in the Renaissance Era?
  • Why is it important today?
  • Why is it important to you?
activity 4
Activity 4:
  • Review one renaissance based web site
  • Discuss the name of the site, what it is about, what you already knew on the site, and what you learned
activity 5
Activity 5:
  • Royal Feast
  • Concludes study of renaissance
  • Students will participate in menu design, costume design, and party planning reflecting culture of the day
the renaissance

The Renaissance

Presentation Slides For Students

artists of the renaissance era

Artists of the Renaissance era

Leonardo Da Vinci

Albrecht Durrer


leonardo da vinci19
Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Was a painter, inventor, and engineer
  • Was a “Renaissance Man”
  • Painted Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
  • Drew anatomical sketches and designed military vehicles
albrecht durrer
Albrecht Durrer
  • German Artist from Bavaria
  • Painted and Engraved art into wood
  • His art was often religious, including Virgin and Child
  • Famous for Religious Art in the Sistine Chapel
  • Was a rival of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Is also the famous sculptor of “David” and others


  • Renaissance means an era of revival and discovery of art, literature and learning.
  • The European Renaissance took place from the 14th through 17th century
  • During this time, European society advanced in their ideas about science, technology, painting, sculpture, religion, and politics.
  • Life changed from being that in feudal times to being more like modern times.
  • Famous people of the renaissance include Queen Elizabeth I, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Walter Raleigh, Mary, Queen of Scots, William Shakespeare, Michelangelo
  • The printing press brought increase to academics.
  • Explorers ventured into the Western Hemisphere