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Sanders Wallis is a hard worker in his high-profile job for Wallis Printing, but in his spare time he likes to keep up with the latest sports games. College football, golf, basketball, and running are only a few of the extensive list of sports that he enjoys watching. Watching sports is a good escape after a stressful day at work, and he learns a lot through the athletes’ intense dedication to their craft. Inspiration and relaxation are the two things he gains through watching a good sports game.

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Sanders Wallis

Director of New Business Development

Sanders Wallis is the Director of New Business Development with Wallis Printing. He works with a variety of clients every day and wants to give each one an individual customer service experience. In his previous job as a realtor, he utilized similar customer service skills and believes that customer service is the corner stone of many businesses.His advice for maximizing a positive customer service experience begins with the simple concept of manners.

Sanders Wallis

Transparent Communication with clients

Utilizing clear communication is another key piece of advice for those looking to further their customer service skills. Be honest and open with any problems that arise, and ensure that your client is on the same page as you. This opens the way for easier negotiations and a positive client-worker relationship that will improve the service you are able to provide for your clients.Being personal is an effective way to gain the trust of your clients.

Sanders Wallis

Personalizing Customer Service

Sanders Wallis believes that by maximizing customer service efficiency and personalization, companies can do their work effectively and satisfy more clients. He is always focused on supplying clients in the “most efficient manner possible” and believes that this is something that companies need to focus on. In the client based printing industry, he has learnt how to improve customer service and secured many long term clients as a result. Following the above advice can hold enormous benefits for any type of company or service

Sanders Wallis

Ensuring Clients’ Satisfaction

Sanders Wallis, member of Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia, has worked for Wallis Printing for many years. Currently, he holds the position of Director of New Business Development, in charge of new initiatives and rebranding as well as working with clients.His experience with client based work stretches back to before he joined the print industry, when he worked as a realtor. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he enjoys his current job and has advice based on his work experiences for ensuring the satisfaction of clients.


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