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  1. FUNDRAISING Paul McNair Land Trust Alliance of BC



  4. Top 3 issues What are the top three issues in environmental fundraising today?

  5. AGENDA • Individual Giving (Annual, Major gifts, Planned giving) • Corporate • Events • Grants • Audit • Case Statement • Strategic Plan • Communications

  6. Grants • There is another workshop! • Environmental groups rely too heavily on grants • Very time consuming, low return, changing priorities, inconsistent, project based • With the RIGHT partner can be great

  7. Fundraising Audit The 3 major components are: Mission | Vision | Values Image of organization Case for support

  8. Human resources (BD, staff, vol’s) Financial profile FR activities/donor programs

  9. Case Statement

  10. Case Statement

  11. Case statement is NOT about you and YOUR needs. Short, focused and about the needs of who you serve

  12. Case Statement Best case statements: Hospitals Universities Art Galleries/Museums

  13. Carondelet's Urgent ResponseThe Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet are still responding to the healthcare challenges of the community. Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital and Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital serve distinct communities. To meet the growing need for outpatient services on the west side of Tucson, Carondelet Health Care has chosen to construct an outpatient facility on the campus of Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital. The facility will be the:Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF)Carondelet Health Care is the primary provider of rehabilitation services in Tucson and southern Arizona.CORF will create the only comprehensive rehabilitation location in southern Arizona. The CORF will focus on new approaches in therapy utilizing specially designed spaces and equipment including: • Program FinancingThe cost of constructing the LDRP at Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital will be paid through the Foundation for St. Joseph’s Hospital, a non-profit organization which raises funds for the hospital. The primary funding for the construction of St. Mary’s Outpatient Facility will be a bond issue of approximately $20,000,000. This bond issue will cover the 80% of the cost of constructing 1) a two-story building consisting of the CORF (first floor) and physician’s offices (second floor), 2) a 500 car parking structure for Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital, and 3) an Outpatient Surgery Wing adjacent to Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital. St. Mary’s Second Century Foundation will raise an additional $2.4 million to cover the cost of equipping the CORF and building a new chapel. Both foundations have combined efforts to launch a $5,000,000 fund raising campaign. The funds raised will be spent as follows:Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab. Facility Equipment $1,900,000 Construction of New Chapel $ 400,000 Renovation and Construction of LDRP $1,900,000 Creation of Endowment for Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital $ 350,000 Creation of Endowment for Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital $ 350,000 A Special Financial AppealCarondelet Health Care, through the Foundations of the two hospitals, has chosen to launch a $5,000,000 capital campaign to support construction of the LDRP and purchase necessary equipment for CORF and the Outpatient Surgical Center.. From June, 1990 through June, 1991, executives of Carondelet Health Care and the trustees of the foundations have conducted in-depth planning and study to determine both the necessity and feasibility of conducting a successful campaign. The feasibility of raising the money was studied. Detailed meetings and interviews were held with community, corporate, business, foundation, and government leaders. Much care and planning went into whether a campaign for Carondelet could succeed. Many obstacles needed to be overcome including a slowdown in the southern Arizona economy, the competition for charitable dollars, and the lack of major, capital fund raising experience on the part of Carondelet Health Care.

  14. Strategy An opportunity to look at what you will do, how you will do it and set goals This is NOT your organizational strategic plan This will strategize on how you will raise funds to meet the objectives of your group’s overall plan GOAL: How much do you need to raise. How will you raise it? Board Individuals (Annual, Major, Planned) Memberships Events Government Foundation Corporate Third party

  15. Plan HANDOUT

  16. COMMUNICATIONSCommunications & FundraisingHospitals tell about people getting wellSchools tell about children/adults learningSocial services talk about people being fed, given shelterEnvironmental groups talk about trees, fish, grassEnvironment groups talk about anti-society accepted needs, anti-developmentMessages transform giving – we need to start talking about PEOPLE

  17. Doing Your Best Work

  18. INDIVIDUAL • Annual fund • Major gifts • Planned Giving (Give Green Canada website – Natasha) + can be very large gifts - can take time and years for results

  19. Annual fund Membership is not an annual fund is a fee for service People also give you exactly what you ask for Annual fund is an ask for a specific reason and would be more than membership In person/direct mail/internet/membership

  20. Annual fund Uses your case statement Tells a great story Keeps you in front of donors Uses planned giving/monthly giving/one time gift/stocks Promotes what you do and how much it costs ASK repeatedly for what you want

  21. MAJOR GIFTS The size of a major gift will vary For HAT it might be $500+ For NCC it might be $5000+ For LTABC it might be $100+ You need to identify what you need major gifts for and who you will ask

  22. Gift chart This is a key tool for success GOAL: $15,000 major gifts Who 2 gifts @ $1500 3000 Bd? Vol? 4 gifts @ $1000 4000 Bus. Leader 8 gifts @ $500 4000 past donor 10 gifts @ $250 2500 event attendee 15 gifts @ $100 1500 new donors

  23. Corporate How to get started Spend a day and make a list! Go for 100 Mail an ask Keep a file of replies for next year Use programs, websites, chamber, tel. book

  24. If you already have corporate $ Meet with them Ask them how they feel about your org., is there a specific interest, would they like to get more involved (often volunteering brings bigger gifts), do they know OTHERS! Recognition Recognition and more Recognition

  25. Events Studies show up to 85% of all charities do an event #1 way to raise funds High cost, staff time, low return New donors, high return, marketing, major gifts/planned giving, recognition

  26. Events

  27. Events Set a goal: to raise $100k in 5 yrs and secure 20 major donors No free tickets 2 committees: tickets & auction

  28. Recognition Very few charities say thank you appropriately Covenant House – t-shirt, cap, sticker, mug – all boxed with a preprint card Phoenix House – hand written note signed by three staff, youth invites to art show, talent night, tours

  29. Recognition Parkinson’s: $2.4 million of which $1.2 came from 900/8000 walkers. Postcards, pins, special registration, draws, special email campaign Results: 96% return rate with 22% increase Symphony: plexi plaques with a hole drilled & baton as easel Young building: clock tower = clock

  30. Resources LTABC: resource library of books on all topics AFP Internet Conservation Finance, Story Clark

  31. Questions?