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  1. Fundraising The Office of Student Life

  2. Why Fundraise? • Fundraising is a great way for your student organization to get your name out there, increase your organizations revenue and raise awareness for your organizations cause, mission and vision.

  3. Who Should Follow These Guidelines? • If your organization fits all 3 of these categories, then you MUST follow these guidelines. • Has an open membership • Membership is not based on race, creed, religion… • Not part of a national organization • If your organization is a fraternity/sorority or local chapter of a national organization, then you do not need to follow these guidelines. • Is not involved in political campaigning

  4. Does your Fundraiser fit one of the Following? • The group is planning to mail invitations to Alumni, Corporations and/or Foundations to purchase tickets to attend the event • The group is promoting the event as a formal affair (e.g. a formal sit down dinner) with proceeds supporting the group's efforts • The group will be soliciting individual and/or corporate sponsorship support in the form of cash donations or gifts in kind (such as catered food, auction items, apparel) to underwrite the event. • The group is charging an attendance/entrance fee.

  5. Answer… • No… • Then your organization does not need to go beyond this point. (Approval from Student Life). • Yes… • Open an On-Campus account with the Office of Student Life. • Fill out a “Fundraising Event Clearance Form” • • The form will let you know who to send it to.

  6. If Fundraiser is Approved • The event contact person will be contacted by the Vice President of Development if approved or denied. • It is the student organization’s responsibility to set up a meeting if approved with the: • Assistant Director of Advancement Meetings & Events. • Rabya Anees at • She will need a list of all invitees! • Director of Gift Processing. • Mark Burns at • This is to plan the event according to the University's standards for conducting fundraising events and legal reporting requirements.

  7. Types of Fundraisers • Here are a few different fundraisers that student organizations have done at DePaul along with the steps that should be followed. • Bake Sale • Car Wash • Asking for $ at Event • Corporate Sponsors • Auction/Raffles • Casino Night

  8. Bake Sale • Reserve Promo Table • Student Organization makes food= No Forms • See Chartwells PowerPoint for more information • Food Donated = Forms • Link to “Special Request” Form: • • Link to “signed approval process” letter: • • Link to Food Donation policy: •

  9. Car Wash • Email Parking Services a proposal of the fundraiser at • If approved by Parking Services, then contact Facility Operations at 773- 325-7377 to put in a work order for a hose.

  10. Asking for $ at Event • You must follow the fundraising policy if your organization: • Fit all 3 guidelines on slide 3 • Asking for $ at the door

  11. Corporate Sponsors • You must follow the fundraising policy if your organization: • Fit all 3 guidelines on slide 3 • Receives financial gifts • e.g. cash, checks, credit card numbers

  12. Auction/Raffles • Prior to having an auction of items/raffle, please notify your liaison in Student Life. • Contact the Director of Gift Processing, Mark Burns at to discuss proper procedures and obtain “Auction and/or Raffle Donation” forms. • Your raffle must adhere to DePaul’s copy of the City of Chicago raffle license.

  13. Casino Night • No event taking place in a Student Center Facility that involves legal gambling, or games of chance may take place unless they have obtained the proper licenses from the State of Illinois. • If you plan to have a casino event, please contact your student life liaison at least 2 months prior to the event. • You may have to work with the Office of General Counsel and the Controller’s Office on pre-event preparation and post-event reporting. • This license does cost $ and you will not get SAF-B funding for this license. • Gambling includes but is not limited to poker, card games, games of chance, and betting.