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Planned ESA GEANT4 Activities Petteri Nieminen, ESA/ESTEC PowerPoint Presentation
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Planned ESA GEANT4 Activities Petteri Nieminen, ESA/ESTEC

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Planned ESA GEANT4 Activities Petteri Nieminen, ESA/ESTEC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planned ESA GEANT4 Activities Petteri Nieminen, ESA/ESTEC
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  1. Space Environments and Effects Section Planned ESA GEANT4 ActivitiesPetteri Nieminen, ESA/ESTEC SPENVIS-GEANT4 Space Users' Workshop

  2. GEANT4 Space Users’ Home Page: ESA radiation effects R&D page: SPENVIS-GEANT4 Space Users' Workshop

  3. Observations on Geant4 at ESA: • Extensive use in Space Science (starting from XMM-Newton in 1997; thereafter LISA, INTEGRAL, BepiColombo, GAIA…) • Emerging use in Manned (ISS) and Exploration missions • Certain further developments needed in Geant4 physics and other kernel capabilities for the above; e.g. further low-energy extensions and heavy ion transport capabilities • Earth Observation, Telecommunication, Navigation, and generic platform technologies: Application domains where materials and components engineering issues are prominent, and where often the industry, rather than academia, has the main role in doing radiation analyses. • => Geant4 is, in principle, in good position to further expand to the above domains • => Need for easy-to-use engineering tools, interfaces and applications utilising Geant4 physics and other capabilities allowing rapid radiation analyses (a la MULASSIS, SSAT, GRAS,…), addressing the radiation effects on new technologies. SPENVIS-GEANT4 Space Users' Workshop

  4. Ongoing developments • Maintenance phase of MULASSIS, SSAT, and RDM ongoing (QinetiQ, BIRA, ESTEC) • Further GRAS developments and applications, e.g. ConeXpress (ESTEC) • DESIRE Project (KTH Stockholm + collaboration) • Geant4-DNA Project (INFN Genova + collaboration) • Predicting Displacement Damage Effects in Electronic Components by Method of Simulation (University of Cologne) • Integrated Radiation Environment, Effects and Component Degradation Simulation Tool ongoing (LIP Lisbon) • Radiation Environment Research from Multiple Monitors ongoing (ONERA, BIRA, UCL, QinetiQ, DMI, Paul Bühler, ESTEC) • Radiation Effects on Advanced Technologies – Models and Software (Part I) started in 2005 (QinetiQ, BIRA, Rhea Systems, University of Bern) [+expert consultancy budget]. Some work on CAD interfaces SPENVIS-GEANT4 Space Users' Workshop

  5. Planned developments • Radiation Effects on Advanced Technologies – Models and Software (Part II) planned to start in 2006 in DN with the team above + other proposers for Part I [+expert consultancy budget] • MEO Electron Environment Models development, to be started in 2006 • Martian Radiation Environment Models; AO to be published soon. Extension of the developments presented in this Workshop + Geant4 heavy ion hadronic physics work + “active shield” concept analysis. Focus on ESA ExoMars mission. • Preparatory Study of Investigations into Biological Effects on Radiation (AO open) • Long-term R&D roadmap for the Exploration programme existing • ESA signature on the new Geant4 Collaboration Agreement! SPENVIS-GEANT4 Space Users' Workshop

  6. Rosetta SREM vs. GOES proton data, solar event of 8 September 2005 SREM on Rosetta GOES ~30 behind the Earth Mars Earth ~1.6 AU Rosetta

  7. GEANT4 Space Users’ Workshop 2006? SPENVIS-GEANT4 Space Users' Workshop