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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association PO Box 201 Crestwood, KY 40014 HOA@ArborRidge-Crestwood

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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association PO Box 201 Crestwood, KY 40014 HOA@ArborRidge-Crestwood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association PO Box 201 Crestwood, KY 40014 Volume 3. Arbor Ridge Times. Arbor Ridge Home Owners’ Association – General Membership Meeting.

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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association

PO Box 201

Crestwood, KY 40014

Volume 3

Arbor Ridge Times

Arbor Ridge Home Owners’ Association – General Membership Meeting

The annual meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners’ Association will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2007 from 5- 6 p.m. The meeting will be held in Room 2 at the South Oldham Fire Dept. in Crestwood on Old LaGrange Road off the 329 bypass just South of the 146 intersection and the train overpass. Please put this date on your calendar.

The primary purpose of the annual meeting is to elect directors for the upcoming year and to present the proposed 2008 budget to the membership at large. Approval of the final 2008 budget will be the responsibility of the newly elected Board of Directors. At the meeting, the current Board will briefly review its activities during its term in office and present the estimated actual financial results for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2007.

The First Amendment to the Bylaws stipulates the number of directors shall be seven (7) and that nominations for directors shall be made from the members entitled to vote i.e. association fees are paid. A secret ballot will be conducted by the membership present at the meeting. One vote will be allocated for each lot owned. Nominations for directors will be accepted in writing to the ARHOA PO Box address prior to the meeting and verbally at the meeting. Please submit name and address of nominees. Self nomination is encouraged but if you should nominate someone other than yourself please ensure that the person will serve if elected.

There will also be discussion and a vote regarding the installation of a North Entrance Sign.

East Wind Way Gas Line Easement

Vectron Gas Co. has begun some work along the East Wind Way Gas Line Easement. It appears they are activating a once dormant line and need to test the line at key points. As of right now, they have only dug up one spot and that is all that is planned for now. Based on several discussions, Vectron does not plan to re-plant any of the trees they have uprooted. It is possible that Vectron is planning to remove all of the trees from the easement area, but no plan for when is established. We have looked through some rules and regulations and it appears we don’t have much of a leg to stand on in trying to save our screen between the church and our East Wind Way neighbors. As we learn more, we will continue to communicate.

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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association

PO Box 201

Crestwood, KY 40014

Volume 3

Arbor Ridge Times

Stop Signs and Speed Limit


Due to numerous complaints over the summer, the board voted and approved the posting of “No Soliciting” signs at both entrances. The intent of these signs is to keep external solicitors from annoying our neighbors and to increase our safety awareness. Internal solicitation for school and activity functions will be permitted.

The Board would like to thank all of our neighbors for their cooperation over the past few months. It has become quite evident that since the North Entrance Stop signs were moved, the traffic speed through that area has slowed tremendously. Let’s continue to be diligent in complying with our own regulations as well as keep an eye out for non-neighbors who may be disregarding our neighborhood safety concerns.

Social Committee

Several neighbors will be forming a Social Committee as part of the ARHOA . An information flyer was distributed within the past few weeks. If you have interest in joining the committee or helping out, please contact Leslie Bowman at 6500 Westwind Way.

Did you Know?

The Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association is responsible for upholding our by-laws and deed restrictions. Here are a few we’d like to remind you about;

1. Street Parking

2. Construction Approvals

3. Fence Approvals

4. Trailer, Boat and RV Storage

5. Motor Driven Vehicles (ATV’s etc…)

(Please review your Deed Restrictions and by-laws regarding these topics)

ARHOA Website

Please take the time to visit the neighborhood website. The address is http:\\ All communications, forms, directions, and information for the community can be found here.

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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association

PO Box 201

Crestwood, KY 40014

Volume 3

Arbor Ridge Times

North Entrance Arbor Ridge Sign

The board is looking into sign options for the North entrance. The 3rd quarter news letter will contain drawings of 3 or 4 designs that we will consider. These drawings will also be posted on the website at that time. A vote will be held at the annual membership meeting in December for the approval of the expenditure of the signs as well as the selection of the design. Photo’s of these designs can be found on the website as well.

Proposed Designs

Design 3

Design 2

Design 1

Landscaping and Tree Plantings

Please note that in the late fall/early winter, we will have Boone Nursery come through and perform some minor trimming and pruning to some of the trees in the easement areas of the neighborhood. Trees that are leaning in one direction may be staked and straightened. Minor pruning of dead branches might help the trees to fill in and grow better. We will communicate with homeowners prior to any work to be performed to the trees near your property.


Please note that the Home owners contact information list will be revised during December07/January 08 and distributed with the 2008 Dues notification. If you have information that needs to be added or changed, please send that information to the ARHOA PO Box address.

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Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association

PO Box 201

Crestwood, KY 40014

Volume 3

Arbor Ridge Times

Ash Trees

Some of the defining characteristics of the Arbor Ridge Subdivision are the Ash trees that were planted in the front easement of each lot. A few of these trees were destroyed as a result of storms in 2006. The Board felt it important to replace these trees, as well as to plant trees where builders overlooked them. The newly planted tree’s appear to be doing well thanks to the TLC provided by the home owners.

Homeowners with existing Ash trees are asked to remove any stakes that may still exist, to prevent damage to the tree. Some of you may be aware that a severely damaging exotic beetle, the emerald ash borer, was discovered in Michigan in 2002 and is spreading south into Indiana and Ohio. The larvae feed on the inner bark of the tree, disrupting the tree's ability to transport water and nutrients. Strong efforts are in place by authorities in the affected states to prevent further spreading.

Disease, adverse weather conditions, and poor cultural care affect the overall health of ash trees. Repeated events wear down tree defenses causing slow or abnormal growth, branch dieback, and tree death. Three common diseases causing branch dieback and tree death include ash yellows, verticillium wilt, and cankers.

Ash yellows typically causes the formation of what looks like witch's brooms on the main trunk. These brooms lack a central stem and appear as a yellow-green proliferation of growth. Witch's brooms are often confused with salt spray damage or natural sprouting on healthy trees. To identify salt damage, simply determine whether the tree was exposed to salt spray.

Verticillium wilt typically causes wilting and tree death. Branches in the upper crown or along one side of the tree often wilt first, as leaves on infected branches turn brown from the leaf's edge inward. Verticillium is often confused with winter injury, stem girdling roots, and drought stress. These factors also cause drought-like symptoms. Identifying verticillium is difficult and usually requires a professional diagnosis.

Canker diseases typically cause swollen, sunken, or target-shaped wounds to develop randomly on the branches or the main trunk. These wounds often girdle that portion of the tree causing it to die. Canker diseases are easily confused with mechanical injuries.

Unfortunately, there are no effective treatments available for control of these diseases. As a result, the only beneficial control strategy is to improve tree health. Trees should be watered during dry periods, mulched, properly fertilized, and protected against soil compaction. Severely affected trees may not recover.

For more information, call your local Extension office or visit the Yard and Garden web site at (Taken from The University of Minnesota Extension website at

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