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  1. Topic:“HALLOWEEN”

  2. First have a look at the blackboard. Match the symbols of the holidays and their names. When do people celebrate them?a) b) c) d) St. Valentine’s Day Halloween Christmas New Year

  3. The motto of our lesson: "Trick or Treat"

  4. Objectives: • to broaden pupils’ knowledge on the topic “Holidays in Great Britain”; • to practise talking about Halloween; • to teach pupils to co-operate in pairs and groups; • to develop pupils’ reading and writing skills.

  5. Let me introduce the new words. Follow my reading, please. • Halloween['hǽlou' I:n] свято всіх святих • ghost [gəust] привид • spirit[spirit] дyx • to frighten[fraitn] лякати • pumpkin['pΛmpkin] гapбуз • candle[kǽndl] свічка • witch[w I t ς ] відьма • devil[devl] чорт • Jack-o-lantern [dsǽk o lǽntən] вирізаний rapбуз • bat [bǽt] чорт

  6. 2. To match the following words with their definitions: • 1. costume a) someone who does very cruel things 2. spirit b) carnival dress • 3. ghost c) dead, not alive • 4. devil d) scare • 5. frighten e) the spirit of the dead person

  7. One of the symbols of Halloween is carving pumpkins. It was originally associated with the harvest time in general. Everybody knows that pumpkin is very tasty and useful

  8. Other symbol is fire. People believed that light had power over darkness

  9. Another symbol is dressing up.People wear masks and costumes, leave their homes after dark

  10. Another symbol is an apple. Halloween was also sometimes called Snap Apple Night.You had to try to bite the apple withouthands

  11. One more symbol is trick-or-treating. Children in costumes go from house to house asking for treats such as candies or money, with the question: “Trick or treat?”

  12. When is Halloween? • What do children usually do at this time? • What do they usually get as a treat? • What tricks can they play on their neighbours? • What are usual decorations in the windows of people’s houses on this day?

  13. 6.Test • Halloween is on the 31st of _______. • a) November b) October c) December • 2. On this day children dress up as ___________ . • a) their neighbours b) usual c) witches and ghosts • 3. On this holiday children visit __________. • a) their neighbours’ houses b) English-speaking countries c) ghosts, witches or devils • 4. Pumpkins with ____________ inside are usual decorations. • a) chocolate b) candles c) candies • 5. When children ask “trick or treat?” the neighbour has to give them a treat ___________. • a) usually water b) usually candles c) usually chocolate

  14. Read the instructions and make a lantern for a Halloween Party. • Take a large pumpkin and cut off a piece from the top. • Then take out the inside with a knife and a spoon. • Cut out the eyes, a nose and a mouth. • Put a candle inside the lantern. Now you can see the candle light through the eyes, nose and mouth. A traditional Halloweenjack-o'-lantern is ready!

  15. I see that you are a bit tired. So, let’s have a rest and sing the song about Halloween

  16. You can see many words there.Put them in order to form the sentenses • Holiday /the /English/ is/ Halloween. • The/children/for/Halloween/prepare/ pumpkins. • Halloween/ after/ comes/ winter. • Like/dress/they/witches. • The/children/time/a/have/good.

  17. Please,fill in the necessary words • The American people celebrate... on October,31. • the symbol of the holiday. • The children light the... inside the pumpkin. • Halloween is the night when ... come out. • Next Halloween I shall be dressed as ...

  18. 1. Home Task • 1) Learn the new words and prepare for the dictation • 2) Make a Halloween story. Here is the beginning for your story. • “ Late one afternoon Tom, Alex and Liz were going to a Halloween party. Suddenly…”

  19. Thank you for your co-operation