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USB 2.0 Production Testing

USB 2.0 Production Testing. Michael Pasumansky CATC. USB Production Testing. What Is in the Presentation. Production test Vs Validation Test Test Environment Test Methods Test Setup Test Coverage Test Configuration Test results. USB Production Testing.

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USB 2.0 Production Testing

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  1. USB 2.0 Production Testing Michael Pasumansky CATC

  2. USB Production Testing What Is in the Presentation • Production test Vs Validation Test • Test Environment • Test Methods • Test Setup • Test Coverage • Test Configuration • Test results

  3. USB Production Testing Production Test vs.Verification Test • Verification test validates the correctnessof the design • Production test tests specific units of the product with the basic assumption that the product was designed to spec

  4. USB Production Testing Test Environment • DOS Vs Windows • Stand alone HW box Vs integrated ATE • Tester recovery after testing a bad unit • How to protect the tester USB connectors • Operator skills

  5. USB Production Testing Test Methods • Method I - Plug a USB mouse to each one of the USB ports and check the mouse cursor movement • Method II - Use a special purpose USB tester that was designed to test USB host controllers(OHCI / UHCI) and USB hubs

  6. Testing USB host root ports DOS test SW Tester Box Programmable USB Device USB HC under test USB USB USB Production Testing Test Setup andTest Methodology

  7. USB Production Testing Testing Any USB Ports Tester Box Programmable USB Device Hub DOS test SW USB HC under test USB USB

  8. USB Production Testing Test Coverage(USB Host Controller) • Writing and reading all host controllers registers • Host controller initialization • FS and LS device enumeration • FS and LS Data loop-back • Device connect and disconnect • Analog measurements of D+, D- and VCC

  9. USB Production Testing Test Coverage(USB Hub) • Hub enumeration • FS and LS connect and disconnect events at every downstream port • FS and LS Data loop-back through each port • Remote wakeup (all combinations) • Power management (OC, PWR switching) • Analog measurements of all downstream ports

  10. USB Production Testing Test Configuration /Customization • Customers require control on what to test and on the Go / No Go values • Special test option to allow the test to pass even when there are known issues • API to enable 3rd party test utilities to use the same tester box

  11. USB Production Testing Test Results • Production line operator screen • Debug screen • Analog results screen • USB setup topology report • Detailed failure description • Daily test report • Daily statistical report

  12. ; AutoReturnToDOS=Yes,1000 ; TypeOfPortsToBeTested=Root ; TypeOfUSBHostController=UHCI ; NumberOfPorts=1 ; EndOfTestSound=Off ; OHCIBaseAddress=D800 ; TestLog=Statistics DefaultScreen=Debug ; ConsoleMode=Yes ; UHCIPix4Irq=11 DisableTest=2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 DisableFunctionKeys=9 ; EmbeddedPorts=2,3 ; HubTrafficIndicatorDuration=Yes,200 USBLineIdleHigh=3.10 USBLineIdleLow=0.11 USBLineDrivenHigh=3.15 USBLineDrivenLow=0.22 USB Production Testing • USBLineDrivenHigh=3.15 • USBLineDrivenLow=0.22 • CHigh=5.43 • VCCLow=5.00 • ; VCCLoad=700 • ; OvercurrentValue=1500 • ; OvercurrentDuration=300 • ; PropagationDuration=200 • RunTestKey=Space • ; PIX3IOSpace • ; PIX3IRQ • PIX3Clock • USBKeyboardEnabled=Yes • PowerSwitchingDelay=30 • ; AutoOCStartFrom=40 • ; AutoOCIncreaseBy=1 • ; AutoOCDelay=50

  13. USB Production Testing

  14. USB Production Testing

  15. USB Production Testing

  16. USB Production Testing New for 2.0 • USB 2.0 specifics • Have to test 3 speeds • Have to talk to multiple host controllers • Challenges for split transactions for host testing • Cannot test unless a 2.0 hub is connected to the host (or the host has an integrated hub) • It is not feasible to put a 2.0 hub on the tester • An option can be provided using an external 2.0 hub between the host and a channel on the tester

  17. USB Production Testing Testing USB Devices • Unlike for HCs and Hubs, cannot be generalized • Still want full Software control • Minimize test time • Perform tasks that are hard to set up with target OS driver/application for your device • Modified Linux USB stack can help, have to do modifications yourself • Can use USB stack for DOS • Can concentrate on testing the functionality

  18. USB Production Testing Summary • Production test environment, with a focus of the specific issues that are related to testing USB (Host controllers and USB hubs) • Different test methods • Configuration and customization requested by USB product manufacturers • Test coverage and test results

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