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Why do we see snakes in dreams?

Well, I just want to tell you that this is not just single dream I have been through. There are many. I was shocked at the point when I started having dreams about snakes regularly. I have even found them on my bed scaring me for no apparent reason. Then someone told me that there must be some signs that these dreams are trying to give you. That sounded stupid to me but I really kept wondering about that all the day and night.<br><br>Then I finally decided to know more about snake dreams. As my research went on, I discovered wicked and inexplicable facts about the snake dreaming. Every dream interpretation of snake reflects the different meaning.

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Why do we see snakes in dreams?

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  1. Dreaming About Snakes????? Let’s find out why?????

  2. Your Dreams Are The Reflection Of your Own Life

  3. Why Are You Dreaming About Snakes? • Are you seeing snakes in your dreams? Is your life making a room for some kind of danger or these are the signs of something exceptional? Let’s reveal the mystery of the snake dreams and understand with a short story. • “I have spent my childhood in the fields and under the cool breeze of Mango Trees. But now as I am grown up, I have not been there for months. One day I realized that I was back in my fields and I was enjoying eating mangoes on one of the hundred trees in the field. I can remember how my younger brother was asking for mangoes and he was not big enough to climb that tree. I just enjoyed teasing him and suddenly I saw a snake on the tree and it was literally heading towards me as it was seeking revenge on the behalf of my brother. I was constantly screaming and apologizing for my cruelty (which was love actually) towards my brother but the snake was not in the mood to take pity over my situation. It suddenly rose up and its face was just 2 inches next to my face then, my mum woke me up. I took a sigh of relief and I was thankful that it was just a dream.“

  4. Snake Dream Interpretation •  1. A snake symbolizes your sub consciousness • 2. Snake can be the representative of your fear • 3. Snakes can be the signs of veiled threats • 4. Snake may refer the sexual temptation •  5. Snake is the representative of Healing •  6. Snakes are the signs of transformation

  5. How to deal with Reoccurring Snake Dreams? • Mainly the reoccurring dreams can be the signs of threat and unresolved issues. The most effective way to deal with these frequent dreams is Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is defined as gaining consciousness amidst the dream. This would be great for you to be conscious about your dream. I did the same for myself. My basic strategy was to have a lucid dream and be interactive with the snakes I see in my dreams. Sometimes I was scared in my dream even then I tried to get the control over the situation. I knew this was not possible in unconscious dreaming. That’s why I made a wonderful decision of becoming lucid during the dream. I used to ask the snakes in my dream that why they are appearing again and again and spoiling my sleep. I got maximum of the answers with the amazing art of Lucid Dreaming.

  6. What are the things that can be indicated by the snake dreaming? • Snakes are simply emblematic of different things. The different things simply implies everything from best to worst, real to virtual, divine to devil and of course clarity to illusion. So, let’s figure out what they imply. • What they imply completely depends on their actions, moves and the theme of the dream. That means your dream can help you figure out that what the snake was trying to tell you. • Death implications • It is believed that the people who are close to the death or those who have lost their loved ones are most likely to get the snake dreams. And yes they do. Divine Implications • Snakes are the symbolic of divinity. There is a Roman healing God called Aeseulapius and we see a snakes coiling Him up. And in modern times, it is the symbolic of the medical profession. Unaccomplished Matters • If you are frequently dreaming about snakes, then there might be some hidden fear inside you or something that is remained unaccomplished by you or any unresolved issue.

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