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Midterm Success! PowerPoint Presentation
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Midterm Success!

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Midterm Success! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Midterm Success!
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  1. Midterm Success! Buff up your study skills to ACE your midterms. Russell Conwell Center Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

  2. Goals • By the end of this Workshop, you should be able to: • Understand key elements of exam preparation • Create and use note cards to enhance your study skills • Enact an 8-day study plan

  3. What problems are you currently having with preparing for exams? • Take a moment to complete: “Exam Prep: A Self Check” • The answer to all of these items should be  YES • Review your answers and LIST areas that need improvement. • Use these items to guide your test prep

  4. Next Step: Know theKey Elements of Exam Prep 1. Know what the exam will cover • Check your syllabus (this should outline what you covered) • Talk to your classmates • Go to office hours for your instructor

  5. Key Elements of Exam Prep 2. Know what type of exam will be given • Match the method of study to the kind of exam you will be given • (hint: you wouldn’t use note cards to study for an essay exam) • For test-taking tips based on test type (multiple-choice, essay, short answer, etc) go to: TestTakingTips.com

  6. Key Elements of Exam Prep 3. Avoid procrastination • If you wait until the last-minute to study, you’ll remember less and stress more • Use your TU Calendar to effectively manage your time; utilize free time to prepare for exams in advance.

  7. Just Click on the link that says “Calendar” in your TUmail and start planning!

  8. Example: TU Calendar You can set aside times to study as well as keep track of appointments and events

  9. Key Elements of Exam Prep 4. Use memory techniques • There are many tricks you can use to remember important concepts for exams • Check out AcademicTips.org for more information!

  10. Key Elements of Exam Prep 5. Make sure you’ve taken adequate notes and read the text • Get any notes that you’ve missed • For some great tips go to NoteTakingHelp.com

  11. Key elements of exam preparation • Have the proper attitude • Motivation is key!

  12. Key elements of exam preparation 7. Monitor your anxiety level • A little anxiety is good, but a lot will hurt your performance • For advice in overcoming test anxiety go to StudyGS.net

  13. Key elements of exam preparation 8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions • Ask during class, over e-mail, at tutoring and in your study group • Ask EARLY and OFTEN, preferably NOT the night before the exam

  14. Key elements of exam preparation 9. Look for (or create) practice tests and questions • Form a study group and have each member identify possible test questions. Write each other practice tests • Ask the instructor for any old tests, if available

  15. Key Elements of Exam Prep 10. Know what study techniques work for you • For example…NOTE CARDS • Note cards can be good when: • when you are a visual learner • when you will be given an objective test • You need to memorize facts or concepts • You want to quiz yourself

  16. Creating and Using Note Cards • Using them the right way • frequently shuffle the cards to keep from learning them in order • use only one concept per card- they aren’t designed to hold more • use your own words- by putting concepts in your own words, you’re actively learning while you create them • take out the ones you know until the final review- don’t waste your time studying things you already know • For examples go to Bucks.edu

  17. The Eight Day Study Plan • Download the 8-day Study Plan • Use this as a framework for creating your study schedule. • Set your tasks and get them on your TU Calendar!

  18. Summary • Re-reading your text and notes IS NOT ENOUGH to prepare you for an exam. You will need to have good study strategies and a good study plan. • It’s also important that you know where to go for additional help, including instructor office hours, tutoring centers, etc.

  19. Apply what you’ve learned Midterms are coming up soon! Get your study-self in gear!