aac monthly report ra ug mine july 2016 n.
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AAC Monthly Report RA-UG Mine July 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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AAC Monthly Report RA-UG Mine July 2016

AAC Monthly Report RA-UG Mine July 2016

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AAC Monthly Report RA-UG Mine July 2016

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  1. AAC Monthly ReportRA-UG Mine July 2016

  2. Safety Performance With an understanding that all incidents are preventable, and all tasks can be completed without harm, extra focus, training and improved supervision must occur to reduce the Frequency of incidents. July Safety performance recorded no LTI. First Aid case reported when a workman was loading 3" T pipe into SL-4 at rear side door in this process his left little finger trapped between scissor lift platform and T pipe caused laceration on the same First Aid case reported when a workman foot was entangled in nylon strap and fell down he sustained injury in his right palm Multiple persons presented to the first aid room with heat exposure issues from underground (there were also many other employees that managed their heat exposures during the month but not reporting to the first aid room for treatment).


  4. PropertyDamage Frequency of equipment damage and near incidents across July was higher than expected and we see this is an area that needs improvement across the board.

  5. Property Damage

  6. Near Miss/ Incident Comparison

  7. Safety Positives • Action Plan • Continuing delivery of SOPs to all employees.( role specific SOP completion has been targeted to ensure coverage of specific requirements) • To complete SOP coverage for all new employees before release into the work teams. • Safety Tools box talks and campaigns on:- • Heat Exposure and associated illnesses. • LOTO (Safety theme for the month). • Mobile equipment authorization and use. • Continuous awareness of handling and hanging of Trailing cables. • 4. Safety tool box talks are being delivered to all employees at start of every each shift. • Reviewing, briefing and enforcement of all SOPs. • Ensuring that supervision is adequate for all employees performing tasks.

  8. Performance Review July was an another positive month for development. • Overall mine performance for July month was 1217.69 meters. • AAC performance 631.59 meters. • RDC performance 586.10 meters. Production Drilling • Production Drilling for this month is 9650 meters.

  9. Performance Trend Line Including approved slyping

  10. Development Performance for July Including approved slyping

  11. AAC Development Performance For July

  12. Production Drilling Survey Data Pending Meters

  13. SOLO Performance • Total All In Meters for July = 8537.7 mtrs • Availability vs. Utilization combined was 76.5% vs. 30.5% (Excessive back reaming, bogged Rods and Voids as Percussion not used) • Total combined Power Pack Hours = 335hrs • Total combined Percussion Hours = 127.2hrs • Drilling Utilization = 52% • Completion Rate from Designed Meters was 70.3% • Combined Percussion Rates for Month at 67Mtr/per/hr • Setting up of Drill Sites impacting on Meters, reviewing Management on decreasing time spent in this area.

  14. SOLO Drilling Day wise (in meters) SOLO-1 SOLO-2

  15. SOLO Downtime • Site Preparation continued to be a source in Downtime of 10%, still high considering it’s a factor we control. • Daily Service is indicated with maintaining Rig Temperatures down. Water Coolers now installed for Hydraulics only. • Solo Mechanical mainly attributed to Compressor pump issues.Solo also being affected by heat issues in Stopes in first half of Month.

  16. Total Tonnes of Ore and Waste Moved

  17. Haulage Trending Tonnes

  18. Shotcrete Performance

  19. No. of Blasts V/S Millers Sprayed As per Geo-Tech requirement and back log included

  20. Long Round Performance(Including B1 & B2) Pull in meters No. of Blast

  21. B1 Performance Per Blast 3.8

  22. B2 Performance Per Blast

  23. Graph Indicators • This month AAC has achieved 92.33% of our target. • Shotcrete machine breakdowns and idle times are high and require additional management focus to increase total Shotcrete placement.-Use of Shotcrete bore holes to be optimised. • This month hauling little bit lower then pervious month tonnes. • Production Drilling was below from target. • Long round “pull length” slightly higher than compare to pervious month, however the overall results must improve to achieve the maximum “pull length” in each and every round blasted. • Additional focus required to expedite consistent development in Block 4.

  24. Improvement Opportunities and Special Focus Areas • To increase the “pull length“ on all rounds (AAC are currently reviewing processes to identify improvement opportunities • Optimising the use of B1 and B2 for longer drill rounds and replacing one boom by split feed boom to utilized in scaling, rock bolting etc.). • Additional works on improving the secondary ventilation (standards and management of vent in headings) • Training of AAC Supervisors re standards- efficiencies and correct cycling. • Standards to be driven to ensure that all “last rounds” are supported without delay. • Cycling of P1 headings and ensuring that they are not missed (maintain focus on daily targets but not at the expense of sacrificing critical headings).

  25. Improvements • Additional experienced personnel for the Solo drills have been sourced to support the process. • Continued focus on improving the utilization of equipment. • Chatter Singh has been undertaking multiple training sessions on various equipment's and gaining competency authorisations. • AAC is currently identifying operational training improvement opportunities to support departmental requirements. • Communications between HEMM, OEM’s and AAC regarding maintenance schedule times has improved. • PDI personal’s training started on different equipments. • Scope of work and proposal being compiled for amalgamation of HZL and AAC safety and Training Departments.

  26. Indian Manpower Availability and Absenteeism

  27. AAC Disciplinary Action

  28. SOP & Equipment Training Training for the month of July 2016 was as follows: SOP Trainings:- 461 SOP’s were covered for personnel, Coupling and uncoupling of trailing cables, PPE, Drilling and Blasting etc. Mobile Equipment training & Authorization:- 43 authorizations completed for the month including Loader, Explosive Carrier, PC, Scissor Lift, Volvo, LMV, Mine Truck, Miller, LF600 Agitator, CAT AD60 Mine Truck.

  29. SOP Training • SOP training:- This included different types of SOP training i.e. Sop Use of Self Rescuer , Coupling and uncoupling of trailing cables, Job safety environmental analysis, Drilling and Blasting etc.

  30. Mobile Equipment Training Mobile Equipment training & Authorization :-Total 40 employees were trained and authorized (including multiple authorisations for some personnel) on different mobile equipment: i.e. :- Cat AD 60, Loader, Boomer, Jumbo, PC, Volvo, Mine Truck, LMV, LF600 Agitator.