water pollution our destiny or deed l.
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Water Pollution – Our destiny or deed PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Pollution – Our destiny or deed

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Water Pollution – Our destiny or deed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Pollution – Our destiny or deed. Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia. Our Concern.

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Water Pollution – Our destiny or deed

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    1. Water Pollution – Our destiny or deed Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia

    2. Our Concern • In Malaysia, water pollution is so heavy that rivers often contain 30 to 100 times more pathogens, heavy metals, and poisons from industry and agriculture than is permitted by government health standards Source: http://www.infoforhealth.org/pr/m14/m14chap4_1.shtml Wasted waters. UNESCO Sources, No. 84, p. 8. Nov. 1996.

    3. The problem • Water Pollution is a grave problem and needs to be addressed effectively • Our environment is deteriorating day by day

    4. Your Task • You are environmentalists, who are invited as delegates to the “Save our Rivers” national conference focused on the state of the rivers of Malaysia

    5. Your Research Questions • “How can we preserve our rivers?” • “What is our role in preventing water pollution in our community?”

    6. Your Research Questions • To address the question, you must be able to answer the following questions: • How does water pollution occur? • What are the effects of water pollution? • What are someof the ways to overcome water pollution?

    7. What you must do? • Work in teams • Conduct a thorough research on the causes and effects of water pollution on environment. • Select different rivers • Suggest recommendations for preventing and controlling water pollution through a multimedia presentation

    8. Your Tasks • Select a river in Penang for the study • Discuss the research plan with your fellow environmentalists • Conduct research on the Internet and refer to books • Visit the site of the river you have selected in Penang • Collect water samples for the study • Discuss the Criteria for testing and measurement of pollutants such as temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Plant Life, Animal Life (micro and macro organisms) • Analyse the data • Draw inferences and • Suggest recommendations to overcome water pollution

    9. Your final destination • Presentation in the National conference organized by the Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia • Flyers for Awareness campaign in the community

    10. Research Proof • Consult different sources for information. Choose from: • Internet • Cite Resources • Look into authenticity of the data • Look for updated resources • Books • Cite Resources • Look for latest books • Interviews • Submit Transcript • Newspapers/Magazines • Cite Resources • Look for latest articles • Quote researches to support your study

    11. Let’s make this world a better place..