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The Red Ash or the Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Marsh PowerPoint Presentation
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The Red Ash or the Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Marsh

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The Red Ash or the Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Marsh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wayne Kunkel. The Red Ash or the Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Marsh. The classification. Red Ash Kingdom of the Red Ash is Plantae The subkingdom is Tracheobionata The super division is Spermatophyta The division is Magnoliophyte The class is Magnoliophyta The subclass is Asteridae.

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the classification
The classification

Red Ash

Kingdom of the Red Ash is Plantae

The subkingdom is Tracheobionata

The super division is Spermatophyta

The division is Magnoliophyte

The class is Magnoliophyta

The subclass is Asteridae

classification continued
Classification continued

The order is scrophulariales

The family is Oleacea

The genus is Fraxinus

The species is Pennsylvanica

the location of the red ash
The location of the Red Ash

Figure 1 This picture shows the wide area of which the Red Ash is located in. It is a very popular ornamental tree

This tree in general is common, its habitat can include city streets or the woods, versatile tree.

shape of the red ash
Shape of the Red Ash
  • The shape of the tree changes as it matures. When it is mature it is usually an upright rounded or upright oval shape.
  • It can grow to 60 feet tall and

can have a spread of 40 feet

Figure 2 Shows a Rounded Red ash

what s a red ash good for
What’s a Red Ash good for?
  • It’s a very adaptable tree and can survive in cities
  • It has corked bark when it gets older and is an ornamental tree very commonly planted
  • The Red Ash is also a good shade tree
  • Is a hard wood good for

tools, White Ash is usually

preferred over this wood


Figure 3 This dibber’s handle is made of Ash wood

the bark
The bark

Figure 4 This shows the bark of a young tree

The bark changes with the age of the tree. When it is younger it has the flaky shingle look as shown in figure 4. As it gets older it falls off and leaves behind the ridged bark shown in figure 5.

Figure 5 Shows the ridged corky bark of an older Green Ash or Red Ash

the twig the bud and the leaf
The twig, the bud and the leaf

The twig is irregular in shape and in general the leaves leave a D shaped mark where as the White Ash leaves a U shape.

The leaf of the Ash is very green which is why one of the common names of this species is the Green Ash, the leaf is compound and pinnate. It has anywhere from 5-9 leaflets.

Figure 6 Shows the Red Ash twig and bud on the right, the left is white ash

Figure 7 Shows the dark green leaf of a Red Ash tree

flower and fruit
Flower and Fruit
  • The Red Ash has two separate trees female and male unlike the Blue Ash
  • The flower is a seed anchored to a large flat piece which makes it spin when it falls off

Figure 9 Shows the seed of a Red Ash which looks similar to a wing

Figure 8 Shows a flower of the Red Ash

references picture
References, Picture

Figure 1 first link original picture second link used picture http://esp.cr.usgs.gov/data/atlas/little/fraxpe nn.pdfhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fraxinus_pennsylvanica.png

Figure 2 http://www.realaction.ca/images/nativetrees/redash_180.jpg

references pictures
References, Pictures
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references text
References, text
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraxinus_pennsylvanica used for the range

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraxinus was used for classification

http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/forestry/trees/ash_gr/tabid/5330/Default.aspx used for information in general, identifiable features

http://www.ehow.com/facts_5845981_red-ash-trees-used-for_.html uses of the red ash

references text1
References, text
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