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The White or american ash

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The White or american ash - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wayne Kunkel Fraxinus Americana. The White or american ash. Classification of the White Ash. White Ash Kingdom of the White Ash is Plantae The subkingdom is Tracheobionata The super division is Spermatophyta The division is Magnoliophyte The class is Magnoliophyta

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classification of the white ash
Classification of the White Ash

White Ash

Kingdom of the White Ash is Plantae

The subkingdom is Tracheobionata

The super division is Spermatophyta

The division is Magnoliophyte

The class is Magnoliophyta

The subclass is Asteridae

classification continued
Classification continued

The order is scrophulariales

The family is Oleacea

The genus is Fraxinus

The species is Americana

range of the white ash
Range of the White Ash

Figure 1 This picture shows the location of where the White Ash grows. It prefers acidic or neutral PH soil. It is usually found in fields or where other forests have been cut and these have been planted in their place.

what it looks like
What it looks like

The White Ash can grow up to 70 feet tall and 50 feet wide. It usually upright or rounded oval tree. It grows in acidic to neutral soil.

Figure 2 Shows a White Ash

bark and the leaf
Bark and the leaf

Figure 3 Shows the leaf of an White Ash which clearly shows how white the underside of a leaflet is.

The bark looks very similar to the Red Ash when it gets mature and doesn’t get that flaky look.

The leaf is a compound leaf. It is also pinnate. The leaflets are opposite of each other and have 5-11 leaflets usually.

Figure 4 Shows the bark of a White Ash

twig and bud
Twig and bud

The twig is thicker then the other ash trees in general making it a bit more noticeable in winter. The leaf scars are a distinct U shape differing from the D shape of the Green Ash tree.

Figure 5 Shows the twig and bud area

flower and fruit
Flower and fruit
  • The flowers and fruit are very similar to the Green Ash. The White Ash has male and female flowers.
  • The fruit as the Green Ash has is a seed anchored to a wing. It spins when it falls.

Figure 8 Shows the fruit of a White Ash clearly showing the wing like parts of it.

Figure 7 Shows a flower of the White Ash.

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