third class levers n.
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Third Class Levers

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Third Class Levers. By: Manyi, Daniel and Ella. What is a Third Class Lever?. Definition: A lever where the effort is located between the fulcrum and the load.

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third class levers

Third Class Levers

By: Manyi, Daniel and Ella

what is a third class lever
What is a Third Class Lever?

Definition: A lever where the effort is located between the fulcrum and the load.

A lever is in fact one of the simplest mechanical devices ever created. All a lever basically is, is a type of beam, stick or rod that helps to produce useful movement. But what help is just a single rod on its own? For a lever to become of use it requires something to pivot on, this is called the fulcrum in many scenarios. Like all simple machines, a lever makes a job easier and in this case by lifting weight with less effort.

First Class Lever

Second Class Levers

Third Class Levers


Third Class levers are different from the others in that the effort is placed between the load and the fulcrum, and the effort must travel a shorter distance and be greater than the load.





Power Shovel

They even use Third Class Levers in the construction industry when they use power shovels to help dig up and move dirt.


In the example of someone lifting a weight the elbow would act as the fulcrum, and the weight would become the load. As you lift the weight your biceps contract, providing the effort that will then allow you to lift the weight easily.

measuring force and work
Measuring Force and work

To measure force: Force of Gravity = (mass of the object) x (strength of earth’s gravitational field)

Formula: Fg= mg

To measure work: (Work in joules) = (force in Newtons) x (distance in metres)

Formula: W= Fd

Tweezers: 0.001 kg

Rock: 1.3 kg

Broom: 0.5 kg

Tongs: 0.015 kg

  • Where is the effort located in a Third Class Lever?


The effort in a third class lever is located between the fulcrum and the load

2. Where is the

Fulcrum on a broom?