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Port Terminals

Port Terminals. Ports and Urban Land Use. Port Sites. Along a river. In a delta. At the margin of a delta. Natural harbors. In a bay. In an estuary. Near an estuary. Protected. Basic Constraints of Port Sites. Land Access. Land Space. Port. Interface. Infrastructures.

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Port Terminals

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  1. Port Terminals

  2. Ports and Urban Land Use

  3. Port Sites Along a river In a delta At the margin of a delta Natural harbors In a bay In an estuary Near an estuary Protected

  4. Basic Constraints of Port Sites Land Access Land Space Port Interface Infrastructures Maritime Space Maritime Access

  5. The Evolution of a Port Expansion Specialization Setting 4 4 4 3 5 2 1 3 2 4 4 Rail Terminal facilities Downtown Reconversion Water depth Highway Port-related activities Urban expansion

  6. Evolution of the Port of Rotterdam

  7. Port Foreland and Hinterland Foreland Hinterland B D A Main hinterland Competition margin C

  8. Port Functions Maritime Space Land Space Regional port Regional port Hinterland Foreland FDC FDC Main port Main port Export activity Infrastructure Import activity Maritime transport Services to merchandises Services to ships Rail transport Road transport FDC Freight distribution center

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