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LEADERSHIP. FOCUS ACCOUNTABILITY TEAMWORK. F.A.T. LEADERSHIP. F. – Focus A. – Accountability T. – Teamwork. Using Focus , Accountability and Teamwork , Kingsmen teams will perform at higher levels. FOCUS ACCOUNTABILITY TEAMWORK.

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  2. F.A.T. LEADERSHIP F. – Focus A. – Accountability T. – Teamwork Using Focus, Accountability and Teamwork, Kingsmen teams will perform at higher levels

  3. FOCUS ACCOUNTABILITY TEAMWORK When every player can answer these questions the same…we have achieved F.A.T. • What are our objectives for today, this week, this season? • What am I held accountable for? • Can I count on my team’s support and can they count on me?

  4. FOCUS

  5. FOCUS What are we all working on • today, • for this week’s game, • for this season?

  6. FOCUS Our FocusGoals rise above all other objectives and become our “default” settings to drive performance and productivity

  7. FOCUS Focus Goals: • 10 Big Plays (5 runs > 10 yards, 5 passes > 20 yards) • Turnovers (+2 net per game) • Penalties (< 8 at 75 yards per game)

  8. FOCUS What are your Focus Goals? • ___________ • ___________ • ___________

  9. FOCUS Focus goals must contain 3 elements: • Clear statement • Metric • Target

  10. FOCUS Individual Focus Objectives are derived from the game plan established each week for the team by the coaches and team leadership

  11. Focus Objective Process FOCUS • Establish objectives • Share them with your teammates • Over communicate them with position coach • Make them visible and tangible

  12. FOCUS When you meet or exceed your FOCUS OBJECTIVES….. You win!


  14. ACCOUNTABILITY The clear understanding and mutual commitment as to what I will contribute and what you will contribute in order to meet our Team Focus Goals

  15. ACCOUNTABILITY What am I held accountable for? What do I hold my teammates accountable for?

  16. ACCOUNTABILITY Specific objectives relating to achieving the Team Focus goals become a part of each player’s objectives for the season • Clearly communicated • Measured Daily • Evaluated after each game

  17. ACCOUNTABILITY At the top of the funnel, all 3 objectives may be owned by the entire Team…as they cascade down, they turn into individual, functional objectives Team Execution • Measurable • Commitment with position Coach

  18. ACCOUNTABILITY Team Checklist • Develop Written goal for each position/player • Clearly communicate it • Measure it • Develop an Action Plan • Evaluate your progress with position coach • Establish Team scorecard for each game • Visible • Tangible

  19. ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability Sheet


  21. TEAMWORK Can I count on my teammates to support me and can they count on me for support when they need it?

  22. TEAMWORK Internal mistrust and isolation are poison that sap a player and a team’s time and energy.

  23. TEAMWORK F.A.T. defines the foundation of true teamwork and is the roadmap to become a high performance team.

  24. TEAMWORK Your “BS” drives the look of teamwork It all begins with leadership…the integrity, attitude, and passion to achieve a common goal

  25. TEAMWORK Integrity – doing the right thing even when nobody is watching Behaviors that display integrity • ________________ • ________________

  26. TEAMWORK Attitude – a choice each day that makes a huge difference in our success Behaviors that display attitude • ________________ • ________________

  27. TEAMWORK Passion – separates the extraordinary from the ordinary Behaviors that display passion • ________________ • ________________

  28. Focus Accountability Teamwork BELIEF SYSTEM What guides our decisions and actions? We are aligned to common goals. We have visible priorities. We have passion for everything we do. We know that accountability begins with personal responsibility. We understand our actions impact others. We take pride in our work. Trust is the foundation our team is built on. We support each other. If one of us fails, we all fail.

  29. TEAMWORK Players working in a supportive TEAMWORK culture are more productive and use more of their energy and skills to achieve common goals

  30. TEAMWORK “I came to see in my time at IBM that CULTURE isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game” Louis V. Gerstner Jr.

  31. What is Kingsmen culture? TEAMWORK • Integrity, attitude, and passion • Celebrate milestones and successes • Our “BS” is accountability to support the team first

  32. ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability Sheet

  33. Focus Accountability Teamwork F.A.T. LEADERSHIP • What is our FOCUS today, in this week’s game, this season? • What am I held ACCOUNTABLE for? What do I hold others accountable for? • Can I count on TEAMWORK to support me and can my Team count on me for support when they need it?

  34. KINGSMEN OBJECTIVES When the Kingsmen football team executed their commitment to meet or exceed their individual FAT objectives of: • Big Plays • Turnovers • Penalties Kingsmen became SCIAC Champions!

  35. KINGSMEN OBJECTIVES When you execute your commitment to meet or exceed your individual FAT objectives of: • __________ • __________ • __________ You become SCIAC Champion!

  36. F.A.T. LEADERSHIP Go Kingsmen!

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