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  1. DO NOW • Hand in your homework • Write down homework (Study guide is on my website)

  2. Debate Over the Constitution EQ: What were the controversies over the ratification of the Constitution?

  3. The NEW Constitution • Provided a stronger central government • A contract between the people and the government • The Framers clearly divided and specified the powers of the government • Was the supreme law of the land

  4. The NEW Constitution • Adopted the idea of federalism: sharing power between the federal and the state government • Powers of the federal government: collect taxes, regulate trade, control the currency, raise an army, declare war and create laws that were “necessary and proper” • Power of the state government: regulate trade within their borders, establish local governments and schools, and set marriage laws • Powers that were shared: set taxes and criminal justice

  5. The Big Issue • After the Constitution was approved by the convention, it then needed to be ratified by the people. • Not everyone wanted to approve the Constitution because they felt it lacked specific details

  6. The Federalists • Supported the Constitution • Believed in a strong central government • Believed the Constitution would give the federal government the power to fix the problems America was currently facing • Thought it did enough to support the rights of the individual person

  7. The Anti-Federalists • Opposed the Constitution • Feared a strong central government would take away the liberties and freedoms Americans fought for in the Revolutionary War. • Wanted a local government controlled by the people.

  8. SHEG ARTICLE Benchmark: Write arguments focused on discipline-specific (U.S. History) content. a. Introduce claim(s) about a topic or issue Benchmark: Write arguments focused on discipline-specific (U.S. History) content. b. Support claim(s) with logical reasoning and relevant, accurate data and evidence that demonstrate an understanding of the topic or text, using credible sources.

  9. EXIT SLIP • Explain the argument over ratifying the Constitution for either the Federalists OR Anti-Federalists. Is this group’s argument convincing? Why or why not?