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Peter and the Wolf PowerPoint Presentation
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Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

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Peter and the Wolf

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  1. Peterand the Wolf This lesson is designed to teach the instruments of the orchestra to young children through the use of musical themes for each animal and character. There are several audio versions of the story, but I use the Time Warner Interactive version for these ages. There is also a CD-Rom and Video of the same version from Time Warner.

  2. A Differentiated Lesson Planfor Music Classes, Grades 2 and 3Jo Sommer – Willow/Starke Schools All students will listen to the story of Peter and the Wolf. Have the characters listed on the board, in order of their appearance. As each character is presented, the instrument which represents that character is played. Instrument cards should be shown as each character is introduced and left displayed for reference through the story. The presentation usually takes about 30 minutes, so the following lessons would be for the next one or two lesson times.

  3. Before the Lesson • Give an M.I. survey to the classes taught prior to teaching the unit. • Have the following materials ready: Peter and the Wolf CD Pictures of the characters and instruments. Drawing and writing paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue and popsicle sticks. Cards which are replicas of the slides with each of the projects for students to choose. Assign each group a team number, name or color which will reflect the cards they use.

  4. Logical Mathematical • Create a cryptogram for the rest of the class to solve. • Use the name of a Peter and the Wolf character and its matching instrument in your secret phrase. • Go to to help you create your cryptogram.

  5. Verbal/Linguistic • Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Unscramble the words of the seven instruments used in Peter and the Wolf: 1.tlfue 2. eoob 3.ralicetn 4.snaboso 5.olnivi 6.shrno crhnfe. Check with your teacher to see if they are correct. Then go to : and listen to each of the above instruments. • Tell something about each character and decide whether or not you think the instrument chosen was a good match in the story. If you think the instrument was not a good choice, tell what you would choose and why. Use the instrument site to help you.

  6. Musical/Rhythmic • Go to one of the following sites and listen to each theme: Or • Group Project: Pretend you are the composers and create your own sounds for each character using instruments from the music classroom. Which one will you use for each character? Make a list on a paper of each of the characters and write your chosen instrument next to each character. Have someone in your group or the class read the story while the rest play the instruments when each character is mentioned. • Go to the following site to listen to each of the instruments and their families. Be able to tell what family each of the instruments from Peter and the Wolf belong to. Do any of them belong to the same family? Why?

  7. Visual/Spatial • Create a puppet show to go with the story and music of Peter and the Wolf. Color pictures of the characters, cut them out and glue or tape each to a popsicle stick. Listen to the introduction again and practice with them. Present your puppet show to the class as the story is played again. • Draw your favorite scene in the story. Color the pictures of the characters needed, cut them out, and glue them onto the scene. On another piece of paper, tell why it is your favorite scene.

  8. Peter and the Wolf Quiz • At the following site take the three quizzes to see how well you have learned the “Peter and the Wolf” themes and how well you know the orchestra instruments used in the story. • You will need a piece of paper. Number from one to seven THREE TIMES on the paper. Each quiz has seven questions. • The site is: GOOD LUCK! 

  9. Resources • - Lots of ideas and games and other resources. • - Pop-Up game • Story, Music, and Quizzes for Peter and the Wolf • Dallas Symphony Orchestra site • • I do not have it, but apparently, the Leonard Bernstein video or audio recording has a short verbally interactive quiz that students take after watching or listening to it.