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Stina and the Wolf RPG PowerPoint Presentation
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Stina and the Wolf RPG

Stina and the Wolf RPG

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Stina and the Wolf RPG

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  1. Stina and the Wolf RPG

  2. Stina and the Wolf RPG • High Concept • Search, find and rescue the boys and girls the Pipe Catcher has taken from the mountain villages. • Gameplay overview • This game takes place in an open world in which there are many missions to rescue boys and girls who have been taken and hidden by the Pipe Catcher. Magic bracelets assist in the hunt for the missing children; giving magical powers to the player. There is both range and melee combat in the game, though a limited range of weapons, including fruit which is used to damage 'Reputation'. • The core gameplay comprises searching, fighting, magicking and talking in the rich world of Stina while developing your character.

  3. Target technology • This game rule system may be applied to a full 3D open world version of the game, to a 2D top down version or even a paper and dice version. The underlying rules may be adapted to any of these. • For CT6RIGPR the target is an HTML5 game (there is some scope for negotiation here)

  4. Student work • One of the main objectives of this game is to showcase student work, so this game is designed to be extensible. In particular so that students can create new missions, locations, characters and assets. • New locations, characters and assets are loaded with new missions. In this way a student (or group of students) can create their own version of the Stina and the Wolf RPG, containing their own mission(s).

  5. USPs • Extends the Stina and the Wolf license; featuring existing and new characters, locations and situations. • Integration of ambient gameplay into a role playing game to support ongoing research. • Features music composed especially for the film. • All new RPG system includes 'metabolism' attribute affected by weather (temperature), clothing and magic. • Activities synchronously occurring throughout the game world in real time create a more animate world than any previous RPG. • Student built professional quality game with in-game links to online portfolios. • Novel magic system based on bracelets which may be 'layered' to create thousands of different effects.

  6. Features • Full and original RPG attributes and skill systems. • Mission based play through open areas that comprise the world of Stina and the Wolf. • New environments created for specific missions. • Mission authoring system allows future students to extend the game. • Both graphics adapted from film assets and also new material specifically created for the game. • Range and melee combat systems. • Reputation system enables psychological attacks. • Relationship system determines non-player stance to player. • Starlings deliver information from distant areas of the game world to the player character. • Player and non-player characters can shapeshift.

  7. Gameplay mechanisms overview • Exploration. Navigate through the world, following the clues that lead to a lost child. • Clues may be physically present in the world or may be in speech from non-player characters, including starlings who have a special role as messengers in the game • Fight enemies who block progress through the gameworld or mission. • Make friends with non-player characters, with gifts. • Use magic, especially magic bracelets and glove charms. • Develop skills. These are generated by skill items such as magic bracelets. Mixing bracelets allows varied skill combinations to be created. • Develop player character through increasing experience and also through collecting and wearing clothing and other items. • All pick ups and items are either collected (found) in the environment or given by non-player characters during missions. There are no shop keepers or financial system in the game.

  8. Why choose to work on Stina and the Wolf RPG? • You make a game that will deliver an outstanding portfolio piece • There are already many fabulous art assets available, but also the opportunity to create your own original artwork • An opportunity to hone your programming skills with an industry relevant project • Open ended design brief – the core mechanisms have been defined but still need fine tuning and extending

  9. WhyCHOOSE TO WORK ONSTINA AND THE WOLF RPG? • This is the most thrilling game development project of 2013!

  10. Dr Mark Eyles 26th September 2013