Background causes of the second world war
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Background causes of the Second World War. What was the interval between the two World Wars?. 19 years. 20 years. 29 years. Which of the followings was not a post-WWI problem?. Returned soldiers could not find job. There was serious inflation. There was Bosnian Crisis.

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Which of the followings was not a post-WWI problem?

Returned soldiers could not find job

There was serious inflation

There was Bosnian Crisis

Which of the followings was the effect of post-WWI economic problems?

Led to social and political stability

Resulted in harsh London Peace Conference

Strikes and unrest

Which one of the followings was a feature of totalitarianism?

Private ownership

Absolute control over the state

Democratic rule

Which of the totalitarianism?followings was not the reason for the rise of totalitarian rule in post-WWI Germany?

Germany was not given Dalmatia and Fiume

Germany suffered great financial difficulties

Germany was resentful against the Treaty of Versailles

What did the people suffer from in the period 1929-33? totalitarianism?

The Great Depression

The Second World War

The Cold War

Which of the following pairs was a correct description of the totalitarian ruling party ?

Germany – Fascist Party

Japan – Democratic Party

USSR – Communist Party

What did Hitler believe in? the totalitarian ruling party ?

He believed that Aryan was the most superior race and the Germans were the purest among them all

He supported Post WWI territorial arrangement

He believed in class struggle

Why was totalitarianism found in inter-war Italy? the totalitarian ruling party ?

Italy gained from the Great Depression

The London Peace Conference failed to treat the Italians fairly

Italy failed to get the promised territorial rewards