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The project:

The project:

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The project:

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  1. The project: “DEVELOPMENT OF NANOTECHNOLOGY BASED BIOSENSORS    FOR AGRICULTURE – BIOSENSORS-AGRICULT” PIRSES-GA-2012-318520 Duration 01.09.2012-31.08. 2016 Budget292,600.00 Euro PEOPLE, MARIE CURIE ACTIONS Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES International Research Staff Exchange Scheme Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  2. Coordinator Dr.Arnolds Ubelis Association FOTONIKA-LV University of Latvia Scientific secretary Dr.Roman Viter Technical assistant – Darta Ubele (Darta Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  3. EU Project Officer DAHON OLIVIEREuropean CommissionResearch Executive AgencyUnit P2COV2 14/52B-1049 Brussels/Belgium  +32 2 296 4372 , Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  4. Consortium Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  5. Staff exchange Non-EU EU Exchange scheme Research teams will implement:: -experimental work; -seminars, workshops; -summer school, conferences; -research training days. Benefits and outcomes : -scientific publications; -knowledge transferre; -ideas for new projects; - new proposals. Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  6. Mutual Exchange program: • Scholars go abroad either as Experts (senior researchers) or as Trainees (young researchers) for a period of ca. three months; • Participating in research; • Teaching or research training; • Additional input to this IRSES research project, Master Thesis, PhD thesis or similar projects on a biosensors activity, invited lectures; Exchange balance: • EU ---non-EU countries: in total ca. 53PM spent abroad; • Non –EU --- EU countries: in total ca. 101 PM spent in EU. Time frame for staying abroad preferably: Minimum 1 month, maximum 12 months per researcher (more than 1 location possible) Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  7. Totally for 4 project’s years - 154 months/visits = 292 600 €The first reporting period (1-24months) - 96 months/visits = 182 400 €The second reporting period (24-48months) - 58 months/visits = 110 200 € Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  8. Table 2: List of Work Packages Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  9. Summer Schools • The first summer school • Location:Riga, Latvia • Time: end of August 2013 • The second summer school • Location:Odessa, Ukraine • Time: beginning of June 2014 • The third summer school • Location:Odessa, Ukraine • Time: end of August 2016 Modules: (suggestions) • Methods of academic research and writing for PhDs • “state-of-the-arts • Theory of the scientific fields • Experimental methods • Data processing (error limits and systematic mistakes) Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  10. Conference ‘Biosensors for agriculture’ Responsibility ONU Where Odessa, Ukraine When August 2016 In cooperation with3DOXIDES (FR), WU&Surfix (NL), Ldiamon (ES), Sud-West photonics (GE) Topic(s):Nanomaterials and Methods for detection ofbiomolecules Participants besides project parnters EU, USA and Asia Audience Researchers, students, PhD students, SMEs community Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  11. Timeframe, Milestones, Reporting: • Interim report project months 24th; • Milestones: • Proposal of algorithms for data management of biosensing measurements. Draft report or draft of publication. • Insight and systematisation of state-of the-art knowledge on application of nanomaterials in biosensors • Survey of possibilities and elaboration of plans for field experiments to investigate processes on the surface of biosensitive layers. Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  12. Activities 2012 Project months 1 to 4; • Planned – to start secondment visits in November; • Delayed - due to readiness of consortia to susstain the success by new complementary projects: - involvement of consortium members in writing and submition FP7 –PEOPLE-2013 –ITN project proposal on 22.11.2012: METONANOSENS’ Nr. ID 607534) - involvement of consortium members in writing and submision of FP7 –PEOPLE-2013 –IAPP project proposal on 16.01.2013: METOXNANOBIO Nr. ID612325 - overestimation of capacity to deal with formalities; - other reasons: annual reporting, exams and re-asignement of contracts in non EU institutions. • Activities of consortium performed in addition beyond planned: see details in slides Nr. 29, 31, 34 Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  13. Short referencies to the Scientific Content of the project in the next slides Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  14. Biotechnology Nanomaterials Optical technology The Project Concept Biosensors: Application in agriculture Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  15. Needs for agriculture • -toxins, plant and animal diseases • -rapid express methods of diagnostics • -selectivity to one sort of biomolecules • -low cost of monitoring devices Biosensors – are the solution Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  16. Biosensor definition (by Wikipedia) • A biosensor is an analytical device for the detection of an analyte that combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector that cannot detect. It consist of: • the sensitive biological element (biological material, e.g. tissue, microorganisms, organelles, cell receptors, enzymes, antybodies, nucleic asids, etc) • the transducer or the detector element (works in a physicochemical way; optical, piezoelectric, electrochemical, etc.) that transforms the signal resulting from the interaction of the analyte with the biological element into another signal (i.e., transducers) that can be more easily measured and quantified; • biosensor reader device with the associated electronics or signal processors that are primarily responsible for the display of the results in a user-friendly way. Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  17. Advantages of nanomaterials • -low dimensions • -quantum confinement effects • -high surface area • -affinity to bio molecules • -many methods of depositions Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  18. Optical transducers Indifferent to electromagnetic fields: • Stable in aggressive environment; • Precise measurement; • Low cost and small size (optical fibers); • Able to create network and distance sensing. Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  19. Who will participate • Experienced researchers (professors, senior researchers, PhD holders with experience more than 4 years); • Early stage researchers (experience less than 4 years after obtaining MS degree); • Managers, engineers, programmers and technical staff Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  20. Linköping Odessa Kiev Minsk Implementation of the project: -Deposition of metal oxide nanostructures with CVP method; -Structural, optical and electrical characterization; -Bio fictionalization of nanostructures. Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  21. Riga Odessa Kiev Minsk Implementation of the project: -Characterization of optical fiber biosensors; -Characterization of biochips. Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  22. Montpellier Odessa Kiev Minsk Implementation of the project: -Deposition of metal oxide nanostructures with ALD method; -Structural, optical and electrical characterization; -Bio fictionalization of nanostructures . Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (

  23. Logo – main and additional modifications ideas Dr.Arnolds Ubelis ( Dr.Arnolds Ubelis (