second world war
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Second World War

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Second World War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Second World War. The Impacts of Second World War. By Polly Tong. The Cost of War. The War killed many citizens The war cost plenty of money, making people to lead a very miserable living. The Holocaust.

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second world war

Second World War

The Impacts of Second World War

By Polly Tong

the cost of war
The Cost of War
  • The War killed many citizens
  • The war cost plenty of money, making people to lead a very miserable living
the holocaust
The Holocaust
  • The most suffering people were Jews. During the WWII, Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews living in Europe (“ race clearing ”)
  • They were forced to live in concentration camps and killed in mass
  • Nearly 6 million Jews were killed in WWII

[ refer to information center : the holocaust]

the rise of uas ussr and divided of europe
The Rise of UAS & USSR and Divided of Europe
  • After the War, Germany was divided. The East was ruled by USSR and the West by Western countries.
  • Europe was very weak after the war, they needed USA’s economic help to rebuild their countries. Europe declined.
  • USA and USSR rose in power and later came the cold war
independent movement
Independent Movement
  • After the war, Europe was weak, and nationalism was wide-spread, many Asia and Africa countries wanted to be independent, and got rid of the British and French control.
the united nations
The United Nations
  • After the War, the League of Nation was replaced by the United Nations.
  • It was a new peace organization.
new weapons
New Weapons
  • During the War, there many new weapons were invented
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Rockets
  • Radar