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Saving Time, Showing the Way

Saving Time, Showing the Way. Reducing The Traffic Jam. Finding a Way. ….. with A Road Map. P.L. Duffy Resource Centre http://www.students.trinity.wa.edu .au/library/default.htm. Rosemary Horton Trinity College. The Pile to a Catalogue; the Net to a Plan.

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Saving Time, Showing the Way

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  1. Saving Time, Showing the Way Reducing The Traffic Jam...

  2. Finding a Way ….. with A Road Map P.L. Duffy Resource Centrehttp://www.students.trinity.wa.edu.au/library/default.htm Rosemary HortonTrinity College

  3. The Pile to a Catalogue; the Net to a Plan • We wouldn’t give them just a pile of books • We give them a catalogue • We need to save them some time

  4. Steps on a Journey • Searching • Choosing • Organising • Presenting • Evaluating

  5. Searching • Finding Sites • Search Engines • Education Sites • Reviews • Serendipity

  6. Searching : Search Engines • Search Engines • http://library.trinity.wa.edu.au//library/search.htm • Recommendations • Reading Help • Trying It Out Searching

  7. Searching: Education Sites • Recommendations • Exploring • Happenstance • Listservs • Teachers and Education.http://library.trinity.wa.edu.au/teaching/teachers.htm Searching

  8. Searching: Reviews • Subject Journals/magazines • Subject Websites • Eg English Websiteshttp://library.trinity.wa.edu.au//teaching/engteaching.htm Searching

  9. Searching: Serendipity • Just Looking • Finding Something Else

  10. Evaluating Web Sites • http://library.trinity.wa.edu.au//library/study/evaluating.htm Choosing • Accuracy, • Authority, Reliability • Objectivity, • Currency • Coverage • Appropriate • Right Level

  11. Organising • Frontpage • Front Page Web Design • Structure • Navigation • Themes

  12. Folder View Folder View

  13. Navigation View Navigation View

  14. Edit View Editing View

  15. Presenting • Outline • Font Size • Pictures • Other Media

  16. Evaluating • Is it used? • How is it used? • How can you make it faster? • How can you make it easier to navigate? • How do you keep up-to-date?

  17. Conclusion Where do you go from here?

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