S p o t saving pets on time
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S.P.O.T. Saving Pets On Time. A standardized communication network for a quick and comprehensive recovery in placement of pets. CS410 Red Team Professor Janet Brunelle Feasibility Presentation April 1, 2010. Red Team. Or’Sasha Brooks Project Manager. Mark Hall Financial Specialist.

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S p o t saving pets on time

S.P.O.T.Saving Pets On Time

A standardized communication network for a quick and comprehensive recovery in placement of pets

CS410 Red Team

Professor Janet Brunelle

Feasibility Presentation

April 1, 2010

Red team
Red Team

Or’Sasha Brooks

Project Manager

Mark Hall

Financial Specialist

Katherine Kenyon

Marketing Specialist

Adam Heishman

Software Specialist

Eli Leyman

Hardware Specialist

John Sofranac

Web Developer

Christopher Meir

Documentation Specialist


Who s best for the position
Who’s Best For The Position

  • Or‘Sasha Brooks - Project Manager

    • Leadership Certificate (April 2009), previous management experience, is organized and responsible

  • Adam Heishman - Software Specialist

    • Architecture and design knowledge

  • Katherine Kenyon – Marketing Specialist

    - Quantitative analysis, good research skills

  • Mark Hall - Financial Specialist

    - Great researching skills, good with numbers

  • Ely Leyman- Hardware Specialist

    - Architecture and design knowledge

  • John Sofranac -Web Developer

    -Experience with HTML, CSS

  • Christopher Meier - Documentation Specialist

    - Creative, Experience with CS4


Before s p o t
Before S.P.O.T.

Lost Pet Owner




Problem statement
Problem Statement

Agencies that support lost or unwanted animals lack a sufficient communication network.


Number of pets entering animal shelters per year
Number of Pets Entering Animal Shelters Per Year



Source: ASPCA


S p o t

Provides a standardized communicationnetwork for a quick and comprehensive recovery in placement of pets while reducing costs, suffering, and the number of deaths.


With s p o t s
With S.P.O.T.S

Lost Pet Owner




Benefits this isn t finished yet

  • Pets are placed a home

    -Reunited with pet owners or a new home

    -Pets are rescued from death

  • SPCA earns money

    - Donations

    -Save money


Pet caregivers
Pet Caregivers

  • Pet Owners

  • SPCA

  • Independent Shelters

  • Rescue Groups

  • Animal Control


What will the customer need in order to use this product
What will the customer need in order to use this product?

  • Hardware

    -needs a device with an Internet connection

    could be a phone, computer, or other device

  • Software

    -needs a web browser with support components used in the website

    could be Mozilla, Internet Explorer, or other browsers


What hardware and software will be required to build it
What hardware and software will be required to build it?

  • Hardware

    -High speed Internet connection to physically access data

    could be provided by an ISP

    -Storage device that can serve simultaneous requests for access

    could be provided by a server with hard drive

  • Software

    -Database software that can store and retrieve information on storage device

    could be provided by Oracle or MySQL

    -Web interface to information stored on database

    could be provided by HTML, Javascript and PHP


Rapid prototype
Rapid Prototype


Price line
Price Line

  • S.P.O.T. will be free to use as a browser

  • It will also receive money from each shelter adoption from a built in fee

  • In addition, S.P.O.T. will offer an option to help support the service via donations

  • Many pet companies, such as Iams or Purina, may pay to advertise on the website as well


Market size
Market Size

  • There are about 5,000 independent community animal shelters nationwide 1

  • About 63 percent of all households in the United States have a pet.

  • About 75 million dogs and about 85 million cats are owned in the United States.

    • In 2006, nearly half of pet owners, or 49.7%, considered their pets to be family members. 2


1 ASPCA.org

2U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook


Market growth
Market Growth

  • Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

  • Year                 Billion

  • 2010                 $47.7 Est.

  • 2009                 $45.5

  • 2008                 $43.2

  • 2007                 $41.22006                 $38.5 2005                 $36.32004                 $34.42003                 $32.42002                 $29.52001                 $28.51998                 $231996                 $211994                 $17  


Estimated 2010 sales within the u s market
Estimated 2010 Sales within the U.S. Market

  • For 2010, it estimated that $47.7 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.

  • Breakdown:                                           Food                                                $18.28 billion Supplies/OTC Medicine                $11.01 billionVet Care                                          $12.79 billionLive animal purchases                   $2.21 billionPet Services: grooming & boarding $3.45 billion 

Source: APPA


2010 market trends
2010 Market Trends

  • State-of-the-ArtHigh-tech products including computerized identification tags, automatic doors and feeders, touch-activated toys help pet-owners take care of companion animals with ease and precision.

  • Help Yourself! Products designed with convenience in mind. Programmable feeding and drinking systems, automatic and battery-operated toys, self-cleaning litter boxes and self-warming pet mats let pets virtually care for themselves!

  • Hello, My Name Is…monogrammed sweaters, personalized food and water bowls, and digital collar tags - owners embrace their pets as true members of the American family

Source: APPA



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