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Daylight Saving Time Ending..... PowerPoint Presentation
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Daylight Saving Time Ending.....

Daylight Saving Time Ending.....

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Daylight Saving Time Ending.....

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  1. Daylight Saving Time Ending..... On Next Sunday, November 4, 2007, turn your clocks back one hour, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time 11 月4 日, 下个星期天, 请将你的时钟拨回一小时…..

  2. CCC Chinese Education Pilot Program 全体家长大会 Parent All-Hands Meeting 10-28-2007

  3. Program Overview 学校概况 林 寜 Ning Lin Co-Director Operation

  4. Program Overview Program 概况 • Total Students – 340 ~; • Two Campuses; Two Programs; • (26) Language Classes; (24) Language Teachers; • (5) ASA Classes on each campus; • (12) CHL Classes at CCSU; (7) CHL & (7) CFL Classes at TEMS; • Each Language Class at least has one Parent Representative. • Total 15 Officers; 15 Task Leads; 12 Core Team members;

  5. Parent Organization - CCC Ning Lin Co-Director Operation Michael Xu Co-Director Communication & Long Term Structure Shoufeng Hu Deputy Director CHL & CFL; CHL - TEMS Xuemei Xu CHL Academic Affair CCSU Stephanie Sum CFL Academic Affair TEMS Bin Jing, Administration & Registration CHL & CFL Maryanne Barry Registration Administration PR Liaison CFL Qi Gan Education Quality Improvement CHL & CFL Qianying Yin Jian Jing Events & Activities CHL & CFL Huan-min Shang Teacher Recruiting CHL & CFL Yan Zhu, Ying Li Treasurer Janet Franklin Academic planning & Continue Improvement CFL Xiongzi Li Teacher Liaison CHL & CFL Teacher Training Team CHL & CFL Jinyan Moore; Yijin Ren; Purchasing & Book Managing CHL & CFL Xia Tang Bailin Shaw After School Activities CHL & CFL Shundong Zhang, Xiaodong Zhang Fund Raising Standard Work / Documentation Core Team Yuanqian Chen; Hongli Dong; Danyi Qian Yunhui Zhang Shoufeng Hu; Shangjing Li Newsletter CHL & CFL Year Book Binmei Wang; Yetong Li; Lixin Yu Librarian and record keeper Qiong Zou Promotion & Marketing Core Team Honggu Jiang Parent Representatives CFL Parent Representatives CHL - CCSU Parent Representatives CHL - TEMS Teachers CHL & CFL 2007 / 08 Year Pilot Program Organization Chart 07/ 08 Task Lead: 15 07/ 08 Officer: 15

  6. 2007 / 08 Year Pilot Program Organization Chart (con't) Qi Gan Education Quality Improvement CHL & CFL Education Quality Improvement Core Team Jia Luo; Wen Fu; Xun Zhu Ling Li Shoufeng Hu Pamela Shaw Janet Franklin Bin Jing Administration & Registration CHL & CFL Administration Core Team Qianying Yin Songdong Tian Wenzhi Meng Huan-min Shang Teacher Recruiting CHL & CFL Qianying Yin, Jian Jing Events & Activities CHL & CFL Activity Core Team Shufang Fu Jialing Jing Yingzheng Fu Qian Wu Ying Yu Bailin Shaw Xiongzi Li Teacher Liaison CHL & CFL Teacher Liaison (TEMS) Huan-min Shang Teacher Recruiting Core Team Jun Su; Xiongzi Li Cuiping Zhang Janet Franklin Teacher Training Team CHL & CFL Cuiping Zhang, Xiaomei Yu Janet Franklin Extended Core Team members from the previous page

  7. School Start & Last Day of Registration (09/10) Text Materials Ordering & Receiving Personnel Database Completed Teacher Recruiting Christmas Break 2nd Parents Meeting (TBD) 1st Parents Meeting Registration Events Open House & Education Quality Improvement Teacher Training On Daily Job Basis Newsletter Composing & Publishing 30th of Each Month Mid-Autumn Festival Year Book Publishing & Delivery New Teacher Orientation & Teacher Training Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival School Fair Year Ending Celebration “I Can Speak Chinese” Speech New Year Celebration (020307) New Year Date (02/07) 2007/08 YEAR MAJOR MILESTONES & EVENTS

  8. Done Actions 已完成工作...... • Standard Work Documentation / Procedures & Policy • A set of Standard Work Soft/Hard copies established; • All documents are bilingual. (可向校务管理人员查阅) Acknowledge the Standard Work Team: Yuanqian Chen; Hongli Dong; Danyi Qian; Yunhui Zhang; • Management Team established (管理队伍已建立, 仍须完善); • Open positions: • CCSU Registration; • Overall Registration & Administration; • TEMS CHL Activity; • TEMS CHL Quality Improvement. • School Name nomination done, voting is working in progress…

  9. Done Actions 已完成工作...... • Registration & Student Database Worksheet • 98% Completed (即将完成). Acknowledge the Registration Team: Maryanne Barry; Qianying Yin; Qi Gan; Bin Jing; Songdong Tian; Xingjun Chen; Wenzhi Meng; • Teacher Recruiting • Met the requirement, still on-going (满足需求, 继续进行); • (12) new teachers joined our team. Acknowledge the Recruiting Team: Huan-min Shang; Jun Su; Janet Franklin; Cuiping Zhang; • QuickPro 2007 Software used for Program financial group; Acknowledge: Maggie Xu; Ying Li; Susan (Yan) Zhu

  10. 集资! Current Financial status - Need fund raising With current income and the routine operation /activities we run, the forecast has shown we will be in debt The Equity before this year’s expense

  11. To Do Actions 将要进行的工作...... • Build up a solid teacher team (建设师资队伍) anda matured management team (建全管理队伍); • Short and long term objective, on-going. • Establish and maintain good relationship with partners. (维护及建全合作关系) • Improve education quality. (改进教育质量) • Work with CCC to build up a school sub-web site. (建立网站) • Establish the needed procedures and policies. (建全规章制度) • Open discussion for volunteering points system. (义工计点讨论?) • The feasibility of to open CFL program in CCSU campus (TBD)

  12. Michael (Zheng) Xu Co-Director Communication & Long Term Structure Current Status and Concerns 目前状况与关键问题 徐 铮

  13. Shoufeng (Sam) Hu Deputy Director Academic Affair - TEMS (CHL) Current Status and Concerns 目前状况与关键问题 胡寿丰

  14. Team work - Taking Care the School - Volunteerism 团队精神 - 爱校如家 - 无私奉献 • A great result of team work: the partnership agreement with CCSU & TEMS. (团队精神) • Take care the school facility as your home. (爱校如家) • Volunteerism (无私奉献) • The strength to keep our community alive. • A fun place to make new friends • A platform to show your leadership

  15. TEMS Campus CHL Status TEMS CHL 概况 • We had some issue with TEMS in the beginning of the school year; we worked very hard to resolve it with the help from our teachers, parents, and students. • We have not received any complaints from TEMS since the first incident; but we need to constantly remind our students not to touch anything in the classrooms. • Our focus now is on the education quality. The quality team is working hard to get feedback from the parent on duty for each class. The education quality is the responsibility of every parent.

  16. TEMS Campus CHL Status TEMS CHL 概况 • We also work hard to strengthen the relationship with South Windsor; South Windsor local paper Life will have an article about our program. South Windsor Public Library will have a Chinese Culture Month, which CCC and Pilot Program will be involved. • The First period is almost over, the first exam is coming around the corner, we encourage all parents to help your kids to work on homework, review and exam preparation. • Program requests all class’s PRs to establish your class parent contact tree for emergency contact purpose.

  17. CCSU CHL 概况 CCSU Campus CHL Status 徐雪梅 Xuemei Xu Academic Affair - CCSU (CHL)

  18. CCSU Campus Officer Team CCSU Campus 校务管理人员 1. 徐铮 Zheng Xu: Co-Director, Long Term Structure, Communication & Public Relation 2. 朱艳 Susan Zhu: Treasurer 3 李鹦 Kelly Li: Treasurer 4. 甘琦 Qi Gan: Education Quality Improvement(CHL & CFL) 5. 尹黔英 Qianying Yin: Events & Activities (CHL & CFL) 6. 李雄姿 Xiongzi Li: Teacher Liaison (CHL & CFL) 7. 徐雪梅 Xuemei Xu: Academic Affair - CHL - CCSU

  19. Current On-going Tasks ... 当前首要任务 ... • Officer and Parent-on-duty • Officer-on-duty • Parent-on-duty • Parent-on-duty schedule • Parent contact tree • Midterm Exam Coming Soon • Help your kids to study

  20. Stephanie Sum Academic Affair - TEMS (CFL) TEMS Campus CFL Status TEMS CFL 概况 岑詠愉

  21. Chinese as Foreign Language (CFL) • Objectives: To provide a high standard and fun Chinese language-learning environment to students who are from families not speaking Chinese at home. To introduce Chinese language, character and culture to students by multiple enriched activities. To help students to be familiar and better understand Chinese Culture by teaching and improving students basic listening, speaking, reading, writing skills and communication ability in Chinese. • Students Registered • 75Students

  22. Where we are now ... • Classes • 1 - Pre-School • 2 - Kindergarten • 2 - Level 1 • 2 - Level 2 • Positives • From our quality forms, parents have given our teachers high marks for preparation, teaching plan, and class management • Teachers are doing their respective jobs very well • Streamlined registration • Challenges • Age gap in CFL-1B class • Book distribution

  23. Qianying Yin & Jian Jin Event & Activity Team Lead Event & Activity Team 文化活动组 尹黔英; 金剑

  24. Prograss and Planning 计划与工作进展 • We successfully celebrated both Chinese Moon festival and Chong Yang festival. Not only our kids now know more about the holidays, but also enjoyed the Moon cakes. • Following are the events left for the remainder of the school year. • Chinese New Year 中国新年 • This is the major holiday in China. To celebrate, CCC is going to host “Chinese New Year Celebration” as they did in the past, which is quite an exiting event. As a result, we are not going to conduct a separate activity. But we do want to continue our involvement – having the teachers presenting the history and tradition of Chinese New Year to our kids. Plus each kid will receive a “Red package” (红包Hong Bao) as we do in China. • I Can Speak Chinese 我会说中文 • This is an event that shows our students how much they have learned. They can be proud of their achievements. Base on this spirit, we would like to try something new: selecting two students from our school who can speak Chinese fairly well and have them host this event. They will put their Chinese knowledge to good use. We hope this will encourage their peers to put the Chinese they have learned into perspective. To reward their hard work, each student who gets on the stage will receive a ribbon and a gift.

  25. Prograss and Planning 计划与工作进展 • Spring Field Trip (TBD) 春季郊游 (待定) • We would like to keep our school tradition of going out of the classrooms as a group to have fun, enjoy nature and strengthen friendships. • At the moment, we do not have a definite plan for the location and activity yet. If any parents have some good ideas or know what places may fit our needs (kids’ age-range is big), please let us know. • Graduation School Fair 学年结业庆典 • This is the last event of the school year. By experience from last year, kids really enjoy all the activities in spite of the hot weather. We will keep the same format, having pot-luck, group activities and so on. Since we would like to keep all the kids involved, it’s going to be very man power intensive, a lot of volunteers are needed. If you are able to help on that day, please let us know. We appreciate your support! Acknowledge: Jialing Jin; Ying Yu; Mei Rogus; Janet Franklinmade great contribution to Mid-Autumn and Double ninth Festival events.

  26. Teacher Liaison / Training Team 教师联络与培训组 李雄姿; 尚欢民 Xiongzi Li & Huan-min Shang Teacher Liaison 于笑梅; 张翠萍 Xiaomei Yu & Cuiping Zhang Teacher Training Team Lead

  27. Prograss and Planning 计划与工作进展 • General Objectives • To improve teacher-school relations. • To improve the general efficiency of the school system. • To provide effective and immediate two-way communication for the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to the operation of the school. • To be an effective mechanism for the discussion of issues in school • Teacher Liaison Team • Xiongzi Li • Huan-min Shang • Xiaomei Yu • Cuiping Zhang

  28. 联络树 Teachers Team Contact Tree

  29. Current Status 目前工作状况 • Major things we have done so far: • Discussion Forum Online - • Teacher Get-together Party on 08/26/2007 • CCC Board Sponsored Teacher Training on 10/20/2007 • Team teacher meetings • What are we doing now? • Student Attendance Sheet • Coordination with the Quality Team

  30. Qi Gan & Janet Franklin Education Quality Improvement Team Lead Education Quality Improvement Team 教育质量改进组 甘 琦; 芳婕妮

  31. 中文教学质量促进 2007-08 学年

  32. (EQI Team) 教学质量促进小组 • 组成成员 • 继承语部(CHL) • CCSU校园: 甘琦,罗佳,傅文,朱寻 • TEMS校园: 胡寿丰 (其他成员待定) • 外语部(CFL) • TEMS校园: Janet Franklin, Pamela Shaw, Mara Reilly

  33. 教学质量标准 • 学校制定的规范手则 • 教学宗旨 • 教学大纲 • 条例守则 (教师工作条例, 学生守则, …) • 老师的教学计划 • 年度计划 • 每周作业安排

  34. 教学质量促进小组工作目的 • 提高中文教学质量,使学生,家长,老师各方从中受益. • 做好家长,老师,学生,及学校等各方面间的沟通工作, 协调各方共同加强和改进中文教学质量.

  35. 工作计划 • 中文教学情况调查 • 家长调查 (听课, 填写调查表) • 教师调查 • 学生调查 • 调查结果总结 • EQI 小组定期收集,审阅调查结果,归纳确认所发现的问题. • 向学校和教师组提交调查结果总结. • 质量改进措施 • 与教师,家长,学校共同商讨有关中文教学的问题,找出改进措施并加以实施.

  36. Chinese Education Quality Improvement 2007-08 School year

  37. Who are we? • Education Quality Improvement Team • CHL • CCSU: Qi Gan, Jia Luo, Xun Zhu, Wen Fu • TEMS: Sam Hu (more to come) • CFL • TEMS: Janet Franklin, Pamela Shaw, Mara Reilly

  38. Quality Standards • School regulations • Mission Statement • Curriculum (CHL/CFL) • Manuals (Teacher’s Operating Manual, Student Rules, etc.) • Teacher’s plans • Annual plan • Weekly plan

  39. EQI Team Objectives • Keep high level of Chinese education quality to benefit students, parents, and teachers • Bridge the gaps between parents, teachers, students, and school officers in quality improvement issues

  40. Things to do • Chinese education surveys • Parent survey (class auditing, audit form) • Teacher survey • Student survey • Survey result reviewing • Periodically the quality team will review the survey results and identify the problems. • Present the results to the teacher team and school authority. • Quality improvement action • Work with teachers, parents and school officers to address the quality related problems and the resolutions.

  41. The Mission Statement of CCC Chinese Education Program 康州华社中文教育实验班 教学宗旨 康州华社中文教育实验班是在学生,家长,教职人员及华人社区的共同努力下建立的中文教学体系。我们的教学目标是:在宽松有趣的教学环境中坚持不懈地(持之以恒地)致力于培养学生学习中文语言及中华传统文化的兴趣和能力,使我们的下一代能面对新时代的挑战,更好的立足于现代和未来发展的社会,把中华传统和文化代代相传,发扬光大。 CCC Chinese Education Program, a partnership of students, parents, staffs and community, is committed to develop a life-long enjoyment of Chinese language and culture as well as passing the passion to generation after generation through the rigorous pursuit of knowledge and language capabilities, prepares each student for the challenges of a diverse society and a complex world. We promote fun and challenge curricula tailed for diversified students in a safe and supportive environment.

  42. Daylight Saving Time Ending..... On Next Sunday, November 4, 2007, turn your clocks back one hour, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time 11 月4 日, 下个星期天, 请将你的时钟拨回一小时…..

  43. Q & A - Q & A - Q & A - Q & A Questions & Answers Thank you for attending the meeting!