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Our 20 Hour Train the Trainer Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Our 20 Hour Train the Trainer Program

Our 20 Hour Train the Trainer Program

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Our 20 Hour Train the Trainer Program

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  1. Become a Canvas Creek Certified Coach Our 20 Hour Train the Trainer Program Our 20 Hour Train-The-Trainer Program

  2. 3 Big Components Make our training effective & empowering PARTICIPATE in the Canvas Creek experience. Working with a team is much easier when you know what they are going through. OBSERVE a team as our master facilitators lead an actual team building. We’ll point out the important behaviors and tell you exactly what a team should be doing—by the minute. LEAD a team of your own after learning the ins and outs of a Canvas Creek event. We’ll be right there to support you as you put what you’ve learned into practice!

  3. During training you will learn how to help teams through each stage of our process. BEGIN - How to actually get the team started. The segmented canvas; what it means and how long it should last. BECOME - What it means when someone ‘frames’ the project. Who could take the team to the next stage, what is holding them back and how to move them forward. BELIEVE - Let them have their moment, then debrief with care and direction. We’ll teach you how.

  4. Canvas Creek is about team building, not art! As you begin, The most important thing you should know is that You need no artistic ability. …okay, a little doesn’t hurt, but it’s not required. We will teach you everything you need to know about helping others to create a canvas filled with their story!

  5. The events are FUN! The results are powerful. We find that once people paint together, in the style of Canvas Creek, they want to do it again. Canvas Creek is • Powerful enough to be effective. • Fun enough to be a party. • Meaningful enough to work with families. No other team building is this flexible or this dramatic.

  6. Results Matter BUSINESS COACHES • ROI • New offering for old clients • Guarantee Results • Repeat Participants LIFE COACHES • Family Impact • Party Choices • Meaningful Growth EMPLOYEES • Cost Effective • Flexible • Increase Productivity During Training we will talk about the things that matter to your business; how to work with current clients as well as how to find new ones. We are enamored with this process, your success helps us spread the results it offers.

  7. What can you earn? Companies are clamoring for more effective team members who are engaged and productive. This process opens people to creativity, change and truly honest communication. During Training we’ll discuss fees, but several thousand per day is normal.

  8. What Does it Cost? $3600 • 16 hours of on-site training • Workbook and Field Guide • 4 hours of follow-up coaching • Experience with an actual team • Use of Logo and Electronic Materials • Meals during the training • Most importantly, a viable option for your business. • Optional Equipment Package Available • Travel Package Available Contact us now. Call Karen Grosz directly 406-690-5999

  9. Begin. Become. Believe. The Canvas Creek Process for Both Teams and Coaches. Before you can begin or become, you have to believe in the process, the company and that you can do this. Here are some final things for you to know. We have tested the concept, worked with thousands of people, generated tens of thousands of dollars for charity, created fans from Conoco to Optimum, and been invited back to events that matter, like RYLA and OMK. You will be too. Our goal is for you to leave the training confident enough to work with a team the next day, and the next, building strong teams and good will with every event. This concept is too amazing to not share with as many people as possible. All you have to do is begin. Our 20 Hour Train the Trainer Program Believe Will Happen On It’s Own

  10. Become a Canvas Creek Certified Coach