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  1. Train-the-trainer

  2. Hide it

  3. A new product model is born – the MIC • MIC – the Microphone-In-Concha model • The microphone tube placement in the Concha is the common denominator for all Beltone Touch products: • Instant Touch • Custom Touch

  4. Hide the M I C • Removing the microphone from the faceplate and placing it in the upper end of the concha offers many benefits • The device is at least 36%* smaller than an equivalent in-ear product. For some ears it’s much more than that * Comparison between ITC and custom Touch SPG

  5. Touch, the family with the Microphone In the Concha (MIC) Instant Touch Custom Touch Custom Touch SPG Instant fitin-the-ear product! Open fit CIC with a BIG vent! CIC size with ITE power!

  6. Instant Touch • The first in-the-ear device to be truly designed for open fittings! • Small in size, light in weight and comfortable to wear • Great door-opener for first time users • For mild to moderate hearing losses

  7. Instant Touch comes with lots of small benefits •Wind noise protection• Easy insertion• Hidden in concha • Microphone tube optimizes retention • Wax filter • The smallest hearing aid in the world – again!• Short and small design• Open venting

  8. Instant Touch venting and wax filters Wax filters

  9. 44mm 40mm 36mm 32mm 28mm 24mm Instant Touch – mic tubes • Microphone and tube are attached to the battery door • Mic tubes are available in 6 different lengths to fit nearly all ears • Mic tubes are available in left/right and 2 colors • Production date imprint Year/Month on battery door

  10. Introducing custom Touch • Flat faceplate with remote microphone (MIC) • Microphone is attached at end of tube • Microphone placement in Concha protects it from debris and wind noise • 2 different receivers are available • 15 – new, smaller CIC receiver • 15 SPG – existing ITE LP receiver

  11. Benefits of custom Touch VS regular ITE’s • Remote microphone makes the device at least 36%* smaller – in most cases much more! • MIC position gives speech clarity, localization and wind noise suppression • Custom Touch receivers are placed closer to the tympanic membrane for more Sound Pressure Level, which gives Touch more gain than with comparable ITE’s • Less feedback due to mic-receiver separation • Less occlusion through x-large vents * Comparison between ITC and custom Touch SPG

  12. Custom Touch open • Very open, completely hidden CIC for a non-occluded fit • New, smaller CIC receiver for more venting space • Increased fit rate due to size reduction of remote microphone • Optional push button for programs (e.g. phone, tinnitusbreaker, etc.) • For those ear canals where Instant Touch is not a good fit due to retention, feedback, fit rate..

  13. Custom Touch SPG • CIC sized product with ITE power! • Exceptional fitting range with the SPG – Super Power Gain receiver • Cosmetic solution for severe hearing losses • Optional push button for programs (e.g. phone, tinnitusbreaker, etc.) • For those ear canals where Instant/Custom Touch is not a good fit as it gives too little amplification

  14. Touch covers 90% of all hearing losses • Instant Touch covers mild to moderate hearing losses • Custom Touch covers mild to severe hearing losses Hearing loss distributionfor hearing instrument owners (MarkeTrak IV, 1996, Kochkin)

  15. What model fits you

  16. What color fits you Instant Touch • 5 housing colors • 2 battery door colors Custom Touch • 4 faceplate colors: beige, tan, brown & transparent • Shell colors: lab dependent

  17. Wear it

  18. Less feedback • Microphone and receiver are separated and minimize risk of feedback • On top of this, the improved adaptive feedback cancellation manager gives more headroom due to both static and dynamic phase cancellation

  19. How to use the phone with Touch • Hold your telephone handset close to the lower part of the ear, and firmly push it towards the outside of the ear canal. • Listen to the dialing tone and move the handset a little to find the position that give the best reception. • The best position to hold a telephone may be determined by the shape of telephone you are using

  20. Bug Stories Custom Touch user stories Patient: Severe hearing loss / Wearer of competitor high power BTE with earmold Results: Custom Touch SPG was produced to perform at 123 dB output, 54 dB gain Comparative custom product: Full Shell Power Anecdotal: Power user that had worn large power BTE and then tried marq with power receiver.  We fit her without feedback (miracle #1) then we tried the cell phone (miracle #2) and no feedback.  [Patient] called her husband and held the phone next to her ear.  She had trouble hearing him.  [Audiologist] counseled her to hold it like you would have normally hold it without hearing aids.  She immediately pulled it three inches away from her ear and said “ I guess I can turn this thing (cell phone) down” and laughed!

  21. Bug Stories Custom Touch user stories Patient: Wearer of competitor BTE Results: Custom Touch was produced to perform at 118 dB output, 54 dB gain Comparative custom product: ITC Anecdotal: She was fit with bug and the [Audiologist] started talking to her.  She liked the sound quality and volume.  She then asked “ when are you going to put the aids in my ears”…[Audiologist] said I did and [patient] said “ OH MY GOSH..THESE ARE THE AIDS?”  

  22. Bug Stories Custom Touch user stories Patient: Wearer of open BTEs; not a fan of ITEs ENT surgeon – unable to wear aids during surgery Results: Custom Touch was produced to perform at normal power CIC level Comparative custom product: CIC Anecdotal: He hated ITE in the past.  He was wearing open BTE’s.  He put the bugs on and said he like the sound of his voice and the fit.  He came back next day and said “These are the first aids I have been able to wear in the Operating Room”… “They worked great and I heard everything”.  

  23. Bug Stories Custom Touch user comments Results to Date: More than 60 custom Touch have been produced for patients Zero have been returned for performance Patient Comments: “This is the best sounding CIC I’ve ever had.” “This is the marq without the sweat.” - Former marq user that dealt with sweat issues “I’m in my sailboat right now and the wind is not an issue.” “I have $30K worth of hearing aids at home and nothing sound this good.” - World’s first Bug recipient “These are the first aids I have been able to wear in the operating room.” - ENT surgeon The sound is as “clear as I can remember.” - Long time power BTE user

  24. Bug Stories More comments from customers that participated in a number of fittings: "I did not expect the performance of the custom Touch, that I am currently witnessing". "As opposed to the instant Touch, the custom Touch does not occlude, and we have been able to neutralize all feedback issues - also with phones" "I think the performance of the custom Touch is in large part due to the controllable vent". "When the higher order issues of occlusion and feedback are eliminated, the patients focus on the wind noise performance - the wind is strong here in Kansas" "My husband rejected instant Touch immediately, but refuses to let his custom Touch be returned". "I have started converting BTEs to custom Touch’s. All kinds, but most notably Marq, where I am seeing some moisture problems - the custom Touch doesn’t seem to have an issue with moisture" “This is the first time in 49 years that I am truly excited about a product.”

  25. Hear it

  26. Product features and benefits All Touch models are available in 2 price points Touch17 Touch9

  27. Touch fitting ranges instant Touch custom Touch mild to moderatemild to severe dB HL dB HL

  28. Key EA specifications O.E.S.

  29. Key EA specifications ANSI

  30. Think like an ear The MIC position takes advantage of a wealth of benefits: • Pinna effect: increase in high frequencies for natural speech clarity and localization • Microphone is hidden from wind noise