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Passive Stereo Projection in the Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Passive Stereo Projection in the Classroom

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Passive Stereo Projection in the Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Passive Stereo Projection in the Classroom. Lessons learned putting a system together. Eric Wiebe Bethany Smith. Motivation. Addressing the need for sensorially rich instructional experiences Leveraging perceptual processes to enhance learning

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Presentation Transcript
passive stereo projection in the classroom

Passive Stereo Projection in the Classroom

Lessons learned putting a system together

Eric Wiebe

Bethany Smith

  • Addressing the need for sensorially rich instructional experiences
  • Leveraging perceptual processes to enhance learning
  • Meeting the infrastructure realities of the classroom
how does the system work
Stereopsis - binocular depth cue

The right and left eye (65mm apart) record slightly different projections of the same 3-D scene

The brain uses these discrepancies to recreate the 3-D nature of the scene - the sensation of depth

How do you send two different projections to the two eyes from a flat screen?

How does the system work?
types of stereo projection
Types of Stereo Projection
  • Two-image systems
    • Optics to separate right/left eye reception
    • Free fusion
  • One screen/two images
    • Active shutters
  • One image
    • Color anaglyphs
    • Polarized anaglyphs
system components
System Components
  • Screen
  • 2 projectors
  • Polarizing Filters and glasses
  • Computer
    • Dual output graphics card
Rear projection

Disney Black Snapper Screen

72” x 96”

More room needed

Users can be close to the screen without blocking the projection

Very Delicate

Front projection

DaLite Silver Screen

Less room needed - viewers take up the same space as the projection throw



Vendor: Tierney Brothers

Cost: $1800

Vendor: B & H

Cost: $300

screen frame cart
Screen Frame & Cart
  • Custom made from 80/20 modular structural aluminum
  • Specification issues
    • Determining true size of screen
    • Determining number, type and spacing of snaps
  • Construction issues
  • Portable, but sturdy

Vendor: Bertelkamp

Screen: $900

Cart: $600

  • inFocus LP530 DLP Projector
  • 2000 Lumens
    • Filters cut down light output
    • High Lumens needed
  • Heat Circulation Issues
  • Enhanced connectivity module
    • Monitor attachment and

remote control

  • Projector stacker
    • Mobile

Vendor: CDW

Projector: $4500/pair

Stacker: $500

polarizing filters glasses

More expensive

One style




Variety of styles

Theme Park


Orientation issues

Polarizing Filters & Glasses

Vendor: Berezin

Filters: $25/pair

Glasses: $45 for 30 pairs

Vendor: Berezin

Filters: $230/pair

Glasses: $200 for 10 pairs

  • Windows or Linux machine
  • Video Card
    • nVidea Quadro4 750 XGL
      • Open GL Stereo features
      • Two monitor out

Vendor: Dell

Cost: $2000

Vendor: Page Computer

Cost: $350

3 d printer
3-D Printer
  • Creates a physical 3-D model of a virtual 3-D model
  • IGES and STL export from popular 3-D modelers
  • Binder/powder and fused deposition most common low-cost techniques
  • Expands the sensorial experience into the haptic realm
software applications
Software Applications
  • Pokescope
    • Basic stereo pair application
  • VRCAD viewer
    • For viewing AutoCad files
  • OpenGL Based Software
current applications
Current Applications
  • vPython
    • Graphics library extension to Python
    • Used in physics education for simulation
  • Engineering Graphics
    • Engineered object representation
    • Bringing together virtual and physical models
  • Earth Science
    • Targeting middle/high school earth science
    • Enhancing understanding of surface and sub-surface features
current research
Current Research
  • Logistical and practical use of system in the classroom
  • Efficacy of system for enhancing understanding
    • Individual differences
    • Concept/representation interaction
    • Task/representation interaction

Future Research

  • Combining current eye-tracking research with 3-D system
    • Does binocular cueing influence perceived feature salience?
  • Using eye-tracking to control display of 3-D content
http ced ncsu edu vise eric wiebe@ncsu edu bethany smith@ncsu edu

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