the case of the gasping garbage n.
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“The Case of the Gasping Garbage” PowerPoint Presentation
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“The Case of the Gasping Garbage”

“The Case of the Gasping Garbage”

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“The Case of the Gasping Garbage”

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  1. “The Case of the Gasping Garbage” Table of Contents Concept Map Vocabulary Spelling Words Contractions Singular and Plural Pronouns Suffixes Use a hyper link to link each topic slide to the table of contents. Unit 4 Week 1 Mr. Sanner

  2. Concept Map Why you can’t always believe what you think you see? Optical Illusion Fooled Invisible Deceive tricked disappeared picture Invisible strings fooled unseen mirage tricks judgment unnoticed magic pretending

  3. Vocabulary Lecture: Microscope: Precise: Relentless: Identity: Hollow: Beakers: Analysis: Use a hyper link to link each word to its definition.

  4. Lecture An educational speech on a particular topic

  5. Microscope A device that makes things look larger

  6. Precise Very exact and accurate

  7. Relentless Never slacking, but continuing Always at the same level; nonstop

  8. Identity Who or what you are or something is

  9. Hollow Having an empty space inside

  10. Beakers containers used in laboratories

  11. Analysis detailed examination

  12. Spelling Words don’t won’t wouldn’t there’s we’re you’re doesn’t I’ve here’s wasn’t shouldn’t couldn’t where’s hadn’t aren’t they’re it’s we’ve when’s haven’t Challenge Words it’ll who’ll might’ve mustn’t we’d

  13. Contractions Make a list of 10 contractions and the two words that make them up. • It’s: it is • Won’t: will not • Couldn’t: could not

  14. Singular and Plural Pronouns Write four sentences with singular pronouns and four sentences with plural pronouns. Make the pronouns in a different colored text. • Key words for singular pronouns: I, me, she, him, her, it, myself, himself, herself • Key words for plural pronouns: we, us, they, them, ourselves, themselves Singular Pronouns Plural Pronouns Her bike was pink. They went to the mall.

  15. Word Analysis(Suffixes) Word Bank novel magic tour violin library critic environmental history • Choose a word from the word bank and match it to a suffix. • Write the word and its meaning in the graphic organizer.

  16. Synonyms and Antonyms Make a list of 5 synonyms and 5 antonyms. Make each in a different color. Synonyms Antonyms