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  1. By: AJ Hiking

  2. Table of Contents • Chapter 1:Why You Should Go Hiking • Chapter 2: The Basics Of Hiking • Chapter 3: Supplies • Chapter 4: Hiking vs. Video Games • Chapter 5: Look Out • Chapter 6:The best places To Hike • Glossary

  3. Chapter 1: Why You Should Go Hiking You should go hiking because there are so many cool things to look at. For example, there are cool plants like wild flowers and cactus. You should go hiking because it is good exercise. When you go hiking you can see plants you have never seen before. There are cool lizards and animals that you can see depending on where you are hiking. You can also find cool rocks and stones.

  4. Chapter 2: The Basics Of Hiking Hiking is an activity. People go hiking for good exercise. If you ever watch the Biggest Loser, the trainers go hiking for good exercise. Most people go hiking to have a lot of fun with family and friends. Some people even do it as a job. When you go hiking you climb rocks and you grab on to sides of mountains. You also have to walk trails , walkways and roads.

  5. Chapter 3: Supplies There are many supplies you need to hike. You need water and food. Good food is apples, oranges, raspberry's, broccoli, carrots, celery, green peppers and bananas. You should bring lots of water. You also need shorts and shirts. Also, bring a lot of band aids and tee tree oil. Tee tree oil will help your cuts heal. If you want to camp out you can bring a foldable tent and a cozy sleeping bag. You can also bring a pillow and a bag of snacks. You put all that in a backpack.

  6. Chapter 4: Hiking Vs Video games Hiking and video games are different in many ways. Hiking is Healthy for you. Video games make you gain weight. When you go for a hike you get closer to nature and you see things you have never seen before. In video games you think your whole life is a video game. When you go hiking you can see birds like Blue Jays and Robins. In video games you see fake birds. While you’re hiking you can see flowers like American holly , daisies , sunflowers and all the other flowers. In video games like Minecraft and Skyrimthere are all fake flowers. In hiking you can find rocks and cool trees.

  7. Chapter 5: LOOk OUT! While your hiking there are lots of things to watch out for. Watch out for scorpions , snakes , cactus and holes. If you get bit by a rattle snake call 911 immediately. Then place you hand over the bite and squeeze the venom out. If you get bite by a black mamba you are DEAD MEAT ! A scorpion could bite you and you could die if its not a baby.

  8. Chapter 6:The Best Places To Hike There are so many good places to hike. Here are some examples: Mt Holly , Pine Knob , Schuss , Mt Clements and Mt Everest. Mt Holly , Pine Knob and Schuss are all snow boarding places, and in the summer you can hike them. People dream of hiking Mt Everest. Mt Everest is the biggest mountain in the world.

  9. Glossary • Snowboarding – Snowboarding is a sport that you do in the winter on a slick board. • Venom – Venom is a poison that makes you die or get ill. • Black Mamba– Black Mamba is a snake it’s the deadliest snake • SkyRim– Skyrim is a mid evil times video game. • Minecraft– Minecraft is a computer game that you play and it’s a sand box and block game.