hiking the a t n.
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Hiking the A.T. PowerPoint Presentation
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Hiking the A.T.

Hiking the A.T.

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Hiking the A.T.

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  1. Hiking the A.T. Chris Cirrincione SLIS 551 Project 1 10 February 2007

  2. Hiking the trail can be mentally tough • The worst memories [of hiking the trail] were hard rains when all my clothing became wet. ~John, Personal Interview • Sprained ankles, becoming sick, and encountering bears can make roughin’ it outdoors difficult. ~Nick, ICQ—Electronic Resource

  3. It’s good to hike with others • I would have hiked with more people. The more the merrier! ~John, Personal Interview • Hiking with girlfriends, fiancées, and spouses is common. ~ Nick, ICQ—Electronic Resource ~

  4. It’s hard to pack without mailstops • It’s easier to have someone help prepare what you want mailed to you, (e.g. food, supplies, toiletries, etc.) than to rely on just what’s in your backpack. ~John, Personal Interview • A good site for supplies and how to pack is Many sites are available on the web. ~Nick, ICQ--Electronic Resource • 2005 Appalachian Trail Thru-hikers’ Companion is a great book that details everything you need to know about mailstops

  5. Each day’s hike varies • It’s good to condition before undergoing a long hike. ~Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods • Beginning with 8 miles/day and progressing to 20 miles/day is a good pace. ~Nick, ICQ—Electronic Resource

  6. The trail takes 4-6 months to hike • The time it takes to hike depends upon the individual or group of people hiking. Some are under strict timelines; others are more flexible. Generally, it takes 4-6 months to complete the entire trail from Georgia to Maine. ~Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods ~

  7. Getting in touch with nature • In order to hike that long, you end up relying more on nature. For example, when we ran out of toilet paper, I quickly learned to spot the right leaves. ~John, Personal Interview • …people opt to ease into the new stage of their life through the simple solitude of the A.T. ~

  8. Hiking the trail multiple times • People who complete the trail generally have hiked it again or plan to. Examples include: ~a missionary couple ~Bill Bryson, author of A Walk in the Woods ~A.T. clubs for hiking enthusiasts ~John, Personal Interview who claims, Once a hiker, always a hiker!

  9. History of the trail • Teddy Roosevelt (our 26th President) commissioned the creation of the trail in 1921. • The trail took a long time to complete due to wars and funding and ended in 1968. • It is referred to as America’s Trail. ~

  10. Hiking the trail is therapeutic • Many people hike the trail during a big change in their life, (e.g. graduation from college, retirement, etc.). Some people take time to think about what they’re going to do next and find hiking therapeutic. ~ • It’s a great stress-reliever any time of the year! ~Nick, ICQ—Electronic Resource

  11. A.T. Journals • There are many online journals that hikers have created (or currently creating) as they hiked the trail. ~ • There are also traditional magazines and journals that are published in print and online concerning the A.T. ~