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  1. Hiking Media Media and leisure in German speaking countries

  2. Germans and Hiking Hiking is what a large number of the German population is seeking right now. It is a way of escaping the stress of the daily routine. For years, this activity was described as a gloomy hobby for elderly people. Since the 1990’s, hiking became extremely popular among Germans and now about 34 million people call themselves “hikers” Even though hiking is not an “adrenaline filled” activity, it is the perfect thing to do on your free time. Especially now when they have to do a lot of mental work. Also, many Germans practice hiking because it has a positive effect on human’s health, it strengths your heart, metabolism and breathing.

  3. People Hiking in The Alps

  4. Hiking in Germany Bavaria is the only state in Germany that shares a part of The Alps. The last Ice Age left the place full of lakes and moors. At the southeastern side, enormous mountains surround the place. Hiking for Germans has become more like an obsession. So going to a nice, near place where they can hike is perfect and that’s why they have the mountain range in Bavaria. The impressive Watzmann in Berchtesgaden or the Zugspitze in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which with 2,962 m represents the highest peak in Bavaria and Germany. Along the 660 kilometers of hiking trail, one can find hotel accommodations and restaurants, that offers Bavarian lunch and other accomodations perfect for easy hiking.

  5. Hiking Trail in Bavaria

  6. German Hiking Places German hiking trails are incredibly organized. They have logos everywhere marking where you’re at and they are divided into small sections between ten and fifteen miles that take you to one country town to another. German villages and country towns are great places where people tend to “easy hike”. They have beautiful sights and many places to rest when hiking. Germany’s natural trails are not bad either, for example they have lakes, rock formation, valleys, forests and meadows that are used for hiking. The Alps are one of the best places for hiking in Europe and gladly, a part of the Alps is located in Germany Germany is also a safe and accessible place for hiking. There is no dangerous wildlife. Also, hiking trails are easily accessible by public transportation.

  7. Hiking Trails in Germany

  8. Questions How many Germans call themselves “hikers: since the 1990’s? 34 million 23 thousand 9 million What mountain range is located in Bavaria? The Appalachian The Alps Mt. Everest

  9. Answers 1- 34 million 2- The Alps

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