nature of pre ov region n.
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NATURE OF PREŠOV REGION. Richard Gdovin & Marián Opiela II.E. Contents. Introduction Contents National Parks Dubnícke opálové mines Žehra Solivar Starina Peat bog near Regetovka Sources End. National parks. There 5 national parks in Prešov region: Tatran National Park - TANAP

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nature of pre ov region


RichardGdovin & Marián Opiela II.E

  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • NationalParks
  • Dubnícke opálové mines
  • Žehra
  • Solivar
  • Starina
  • Peatbognear Regetovka
  • Sources
  • End
national parks
National parks
  • There 5 national parks in Prešov region:
  • Tatran National Park - TANAP
  • Pieniny National park - PIENAP
  • National park Poloniny
  • National Park Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras) – NAPANT
  • Slovak Paradise
tatran national park
Tatran National Park
  • is the oldest national park in Slovakia
  • was established on 1st January1949
  • The highestpoint in the NP is the Gerlach peak (2,655 meters above the sea level).
  • Area: 73,800 ha (30,703 ha protected)
  • Pathwaysnetwork is approximately 600 km long.
  • In the UNESCOfamilyof International Biosphere Reserves since1993.
  • There are more than 170 mountain lakes of glacier origin, mountain waterfalls and caves in High Tatras.
  • TANAP museum in Tatranská lomnica
np pieniny
NP Pieniny
  • The smallest NP covers the area of 3,750 ha.
  • was arisen on 16thJanuary 1967
  • There are locatedfollowingNatureReserves:
  • Dunajec RiverGorge, 
  • BreakthroughoftheLesnickýbrook,
  • Haligovskérocks,
  • National Nature Monument AksamitkaCave,
  • NatureReserve Kamienka tisina,
  • ProtectedSite Pieninské lipy.
  • great amount of extraordinary speciesoffaunaand flora
np poloniny
NP Poloniny
  • was established on 1st October 1997 with a protected area of 29,805 ha
  • Its territory is a part of the single Trilateral Biospheric Reserve of Eastern Carpathian Mountains declared in 1993.
  • In 1999 NP Poloniny was awarded a European Council diploma.
  • In 2007 the primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathian in Havešová, Rožok, and Stužica (all of them being located in Bukovské hills) were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage.
  • The highest peak Kremeneclies at 1,210 meters above the sea level on a point where the borders of Slovakia, Poland and Ukrainemeet.
  • The largest and the most known is the primeval forest in the National nature Reservation Stužica.
  • WaterbasinStarina isthelargestwaterbasinofdrinkingwater in Slovakia.
np low tatras
NP LowTatras
  • was established on 14thJune 1978
  • isdividedinto3 regions– Banská Bystrica, Žilina and Prešov
  • Area: 72,800 ha
  • Thehighest point in the NP istheĎumbier (2,043 metersabovethesealevel)
  • 4 Slovak riversflowfromthis NP - Váh, Hron, HnilecandHornád.
slovak paradise
Slovak Paradise
  •  was founded in 1890
  • isdividedinto3 regions– Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Košice
  • Area: 19,700 ha
  • The park offers about 300 km of hiking trails, often equipped with ladders, chains and bridges.
  • The Slovak Pradise contains about 350 caves, but only the Dobšinská Ice Cave, which is since 2000 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is open to the public.
  • has the highest concentration of butterflies in Slovakia with 6.06 butterflies per km²
dubn cke o p lov mines
Dubníckeopálové mines
  • are situated at north of the Slanskémountains
  • uniquehabitat of valuable opál and the biggest on the Earth

only there and in SouthAfricaappear

have severalspieces: pink, blue, red, green and orange

the biggest opal Harlekýnowned Mária Terézia and weigh 600 grams

  • significantarcheologicaldestination
  • Main remains:
  • TheChurchofHolySpirit- ancientearlygothicsanctuary was built in 1275
  • has wonderfulfrescopaintings
  • Baroquemansion- is situated in Hodkovce(part of Žehra), was built in 1703 and has french park
  • focus of salt on the area about 5x5 km
  • firstmention from this system of mines is in 1223
  • Solivar is well-knownbecause of:
  • special procedure of its manufacturing (in many buildings by a sophisticated technology )
  • its delicious taste, content of minerals
  • water basin built on the river of Cirocha in Poloniny
  • coesxtends on the area of 240 ha
  • supplies water to almost all eastern Slovakia (Košice, Prešov, Poprad)
  • 7 villages had to befloodedouttomade this basin(Dara, Ostrožnica, Ruské, Smolník, Starina, Veľká Poľana and Zvala)
peat bog near regetovka
Peat bog near Regetovka
  • is a natural phenomenon of the Svk
  • this peat bog (moss) is a place covered with typical but very special plants, f.e.
  • bryophyte, lichen
  • basic biomass in this location produces Spraghnum with especially sour soil
  • the most valuable is its flora: Diablikmočiarny, Rosička mäsožravá, Papraď hrebenistá and otherendemitsandrelicts
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