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Lesson One

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Lesson One

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lesson one

We learned how the founders created what is known today as the Constitution. They First Learned about Government and the different types there is from self experience, classical text and philosophy. Not all sources they used taught the same lesson. Greek and Roman history taught that good democracies tend to end in tyranny while Natural rights theorists taught that people must respect others natural rights. British history showed that Monarchy might end up turning into free government. The constitution is “A plan that sets forth the structure and powers of government.” Everyone including those in power must live by what the constitution says. They used many different types of government to create a new unique Government for our state. Government depends a lot on the citizens opinion. They would only make laws that would set basic rights to citizens. Another thing the founders had to think about was that Constitutional governments could take many forms. In our Constitution they have included Monarchies, Republics, Democracies in different forms to create a government that is right for us.

Lesson One

Why was slavery every where?

How did they choose which documents to go by?

How did they decide what changes and what doesn’t change in the Constitution?