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Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night!

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Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night!. Principal: Mr. Roger Lloyd Assistant Principal: Mrs. Tracey Zenoniani. “ Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships ” Mrs. Robinson Mr. Suarez Mrs. Grimshaw Mrs. Berkley Ms. Lanahan Mrs. Sample Mr. Bennett Ms. Turregano. READING

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Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night!

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Welcome to 5th Grade Curriculum Night!

Principal: Mr. Roger Lloyd

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Tracey Zenoniani


“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships”

Mrs. Robinson

Mr. Suarez

Mrs. Grimshaw

Mrs. Berkley

Ms. Lanahan

Mrs. Sample

Mr. Bennett

Ms. Turregano



FCAT Reading- No more written responses.

LCSD Reading Series: Macmillan/ McGraw-Hill Treasures

Helpful Hints for Parents:

Help Hints for Parents:



  • FCAT Math- No more written responses
  • Practice, practice, and more practice 
  • LCSD Math Series- EnVision Math
  • access the online textbook
  • watch lesson animations
  • print homework pages
  • use the interactive glossary
  • play games



LCSD Science Series- National Geographic

Our 5th grade team will be your child’s guide during our Scientific Journey through the Natural World, Invention Convention and Science Fair. Science and Technology are not only uniquely human experiences, but they are both key to the success and survival of our planet and our species. Our time together will focus on exploring the World we live in and experiencing the many phenomena that can only be found through the Nature of Science.

Vocabulary, vocabulary, and more vocabulary is the key to science.


Science Fair Info.

Participation is required.  Students may choose to make an invention, conduct an experiment, or write a report on a scientist or inventor.  Once your students have selected their projects, information is sent home to help them with the process.  Exceptional projects and their creators are invited to attend the Edison Inventor’s Fair (in January) or the Imaginarium Science Expo (in May).  Inventions have 3 parts, which include a model of the invention, an Inventor’s log, and a backboard display.  Experiments follow the scientific process.  Reports include a written report and a project about an inventor or scientist.

Our Invention and Science Fair kick off will be in September.  We start with a brainstorming process and we will send you an e-mail about this, along with a student handout.  Then students receive information to go with the projects they select.  Copies will be made and given to you.  We will send multiple reminders and more information as the time gets closer.

The tentative date for the Invention & Science Fair is Tuesday, Nov. 29, with projects due in classrooms on Monday, Nov. 28.  We will finalize the day within the next few days and then let you know.



Parent Link:

Planners are used as a form of communication between parent and teacher and student and parent. Feel free to jot me a note.Planner marks for behavior and work habits are abbreviated to save time.  The key for the code is in the front of your child's planner.Homework is written in the planners daily.  It is encouraged to work with your child on homework.  Please check off each piece of homework as your child shows it to you once they have completed it.Planners should be signed daily (but not ahead of time).  This ensures me that you are aware of assignments, grades, behavior, and have read any note.


5thGrade Activities:


Field Day & BBQ

Year Book Signing

Busch Gardens

Together, this will be an AMAZING year for you, your child and the entire 5th grade team.

Thank you for coming!