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Welcome to DJHS Curriculum Night

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Welcome to DJHS Curriculum Night. Welcome Mr. Bob Scott Slide Show Dept. Chairs/Representatives Presentation Enrichment/IB Program Mrs. Karen Kendall-Sperry Jerome PTO Closing Remarks Mr. Bob Scott. School Resource Officer – Chuck Collier.

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welcome to djhs curriculum night
Welcome to DJHS Curriculum Night

Welcome Mr. Bob Scott

Slide Show Dept. Chairs/Representatives


Enrichment/IB Program Mrs. Karen Kendall-Sperry

Jerome PTO

Closing Remarks Mr. Bob Scott

school resource officer chuck collier
School Resource Officer – Chuck Collier
  • School Safety and Security
  • Personal and After-School Safety
  • Internet and Social Media Awareness
  • Bullying and Harassment Prevention
key websites for jerome
Key Websites for Jerome

School Website –


***Staff e-mail addresses are available at the school website.

District Website -


Registration for Mass e-mails and school newsletters -



Jerome Athletics


• Schedules

• Team Websites

• News

• Forms

• Contacts

• Resources


District Policies

• 7 Period Day

• Semester Credit

• Grading Scale

• Weighted Grades


Freshman Advisory

• May take Freshman Advisory for one semester or all year.

•Freshman Advisory will provide study hall as well as transition to high school help and academic support.

• Cannot schedule study hall (course numbers 9998/9999) instead of freshman advisory.


Grading Scale

A = 93 - 100

A- = 90 - 92

B+ = 87 - 89

B = 83 - 86

B- = 80 - 82

C+ = 77 - 79

C = 73 - 76

C- = 70 - 72

D+ = 67 -69

D = 63 - 66

D- = 60 - 62

F = 59 - below


Semester Credit

• .5 credit awarded for successful completion of each semester in semester and year-long courses.

• Means that semester average grade in year-long courses will now appear on high school transcripts.

• Important to get off to a strong start.


Weighted Grades

• 5.0 AP and IB courses

• 4.5 Honors courses

(Grades of D+ or lower do not receive weighted credit)

• 4.0 Regular courses

what is credit flexibility
What is Credit Flexibility?
  • Senate Bill 311 (also known as Ohio Core) enables students to earn units of high school credit based on a demonstration of subject area competency instead of completing hours of classroom instruction.
how can students earn high school credit under the new credit flex program
How can students earn high school credit under the new Credit Flex Program?
  • Option One- Classroom instruction (traditional)
  • Option Two- Demonstration of subject area competency through testing and/or other assessments
  • Option Three- Educational Option/ Independent Plan
how can my child participate in this program
How can my child participate in this program?
  • Once enrolled in high school, Intent Forms and Applications will be available in the Guidance Office with specific timelines in which to apply.
will the grade earned via credit flex appear on the transcript and be calculated into the gpa
Will the grade earned via Credit Flex appear on the transcript and be calculated into the GPA?
  • Yes. It will appear onthe transcript just as if the student sat for the class.
  • Please consult with your child’s Guidance Counselor.
guidance department

Guidance Department

Mrs. Bauer A - E

Mrs. Rodgers F - K

Mr. Bauer L - Rh

Mrs. Russell Ri - Z

graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements
  • Dublin City Schools
    • 21 Credits
  • State of Ohio
    • State Graduation Test
class of 2018
Class of 2018
  • English 4 units
  • Math 4 units
  • Science 3 units
  • Social Studies 3 units
  • Visual/Performing Arts 1 unit
  • P.E. 1/2 unit
  • Health 1/2 unit
  • Electives 5 units
  • PARCC Assessments/End Of Course Assessments
minimum college requirements
  • English 4 units
  • Math 3 units
  • Science 3 units
  • Social Studies 3 units
  • World Languages 2 units
  • Visual/Performing Arts1 unit
work with your school counselor
Work With Your School Counselor
  • Academic advisement
  • Personal/social counseling
  • College advisement
  • Career advisement
academic assistance at the high school
Academic Assistance at the High School

• Content Labs

• Teachers

• Guidance Counselors

• Twilight School

• Freshman Advisory

important steps
Important Steps:
  • Schedule requests due to your middle school counselor (Please contact MS Counselor for due date.)
  • Verification sheets home
  • Important to select alternative choices for electives as classes with small numbers will not be offered.
mrs lori davis

Mrs. Lori Davis

Celtic Advisory


celtic advisory program
Celtic Advisory Program

CAP Mission: To help our Freshman students at Dublin Jerome High School experience a positive transition into high school. Students are paired with student mentors and teacher advisors and through those relationships will receive direct, personal guidance in the areas of academics and social issues.

objectives for freshmen
Objectives for Freshmen
  • Build a positive relationship with Dublin Jerome High

School juniors and/or seniors.

  • Complete activities designed to improve academic achievement and build healthy social relationships.
  • Demonstrate time management and study skills learned.
  • Discuss transition issues with mentors and in small


  • Practice school traditions and participate in school clubs and activities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the CAP program and recommend improvements
  • Freshman Advisory is scheduled during the freshman study hall period.
  • Advisory activities are scheduled once a week.
  • Activities last approximately 20 minutes.
  • Mentors attend Advisory every day.
  • Other Celtic Advisory activities are scheduled outside the advisory period as well.
    • For example:
      • Celtic Kick-Off/Freshman Orientation
      • CAP Freshman Football Tailgate
      • CAP Hockey Night
      • Dodgeball Tournament
      • Community Service opportunities


Mrs. Sondra Snodgrass

Department Chair

graduation requirements for science
Graduation Requirements for Science
  • Three years of science

One year of Physical Science

One year of Biological Science

One year of any other science

(Most Jerome students take 4 years of science.)


Taking Physical Science and Biologydoes two important things:

1. Meets graduation requirements.

2. Prepares the students for upper level

science classes.

All students should take PhysicalScience and Biology

typical science sequence options for jerome students grades 9 and 10
Typical Science Sequence Options for Jerome Students Grades 9 and 10*.

* In any year students may take more than one science course at a time.

• Following Biology, most students will need to take a third science course. Most students choose Chemistry.

•More science courses (Physics, Environmental Science, AP science, and IB science)


The science staff will advise your child about what science courses to take in subsequent years on Advisement Day.

science courses
Science Courses:
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Environmental Science
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • AP Biology (2 periods)
  • AP Chemistry (2 periods)
  • AP Physics C (2 periods)
  • AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 (1 Period)
  • AP Environmental Science (1 period)
  • IB Biology
  • IB Chemistry
  • IB Environmental Systems
  • IB Physics

(IB are two-year courses)

alternative programs in science grades 11 12 only
Alternative Programs in Science:Grades 11-12 only
  • Columbus Zoo & Aquarium School
  • Biomedical Academy
  • Energy and the Environment

STEM Academy

  • Engineering Academy


Mrs. Erin Bentley

Mrs. Bethany Cybak

Co-Department Chairs

mathematics course offerings
MathematicsCourse Offerings
  • HSCC Algebra I
  • HSCC Algebra II
  • HSCC Honors Algebra II
  • HSCC Geometry
  • Pre Calculus
  • Honors Pre Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Modeling & Quantitative Reasoning
  • Advanced Placement Statistics
  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB
  • Advanced Placement Calculus BC
  • IB Math Studies
  • IB Math Standard Level
  • IB Math Higher Level

(IB-two year courses)

  • Statistics (semester)
  • Discrete Mathematics (semester)
graduation requirements1
Graduation Requirements
  • Students need four (4) math credits for graduation
  • Students are encouraged to take math for all four (4) years of high school
expectations of the honors student
Expectations of the Honors Student

An honors student is self-motivated, responsible, and reliable. He/She should be hard-working and possess good time-management skills. Honors classes cover more material and are taught at a faster pace than standard math courses.

Honors courses best prepare those students whose goal is to succeed in AP Calculus, AP Statistics, or IB Standard or High Level while in high school.

Standard courses are still college prep courses designed to help students succeed in Calculus and Statistics during their college years.

  • Graphing calculators are required for ALL courses
    • TI-84 is highly recommended and allowable on the ACT and the SAT
course selection recommendations
Course Selection Recommendations

Course selection should be based on successful completion of previous course and teacher recommendation. Subsequent classes will be addressed on advisement day. Thank You!

language arts

Language Arts

Mr. Kyle Yaggi

Co-Department Chair

choices for incoming freshmen
  • English I
  • Honors English I
Both courses are aligned with Common Core curriculum which was phased-in this school year.
  • The emphasis in Grade 9 language arts courses is on building solid writing, reading, language and speaking and listening skills.
how does honors english i differ from english i
How does Honors English I differ from English I?
  • Accelerated pacing
  • HE1 texts and assignments are more rigorous.
  • Requires increased independent and self-directed learning
  • Students possess an appreciation of literature and desire to critically analyze it.
  • Additional emphasis on literary analysis and argumentation
  • Weighted grade
  • Aligns well with IB and AP
language arts electives
Language Arts Electives
  • Electives are in addition to English I or Honors English I. They do not replace these core courses.
language arts electives1
  • Reading & Study Skills (9-10)

(sem/ 1/2 credit)

  • Individualized Reading (9-12)

(sem/ 1/2 credit)

  • Public Speaking (9-12)

(sem/ 1/2 credit)

  • Test Prep (ACT/SAT)
  • Argumentation & Debate (9-12)

(sem/ 1/2 credit)

  • News Writing I (9-12)

(sem/ 1/2 credit)

  • News Writing II (9-12)

(sem OR year- upon completion of News Writing I or by teacher approval)

  • Yearbook (9-12)

(year/1 credit)

  • Broadcast & Video Production I (9-12)

(year/1 credit)

social studies

Social Studies

Mr. Matt Martin

Co-Department Chair

social studies requirements
Social StudiesRequirements:
  • To graduate, students must earn at least

3 credits of social studies.

  • For American History and American Government, state mandated end-of-

course examinations will be administered.

freshman y ear
Freshman Year
  • Students must take the following course:
    • Modern World History (1 credit)
sophomore y ear
Sophomore Year

Students must take one of the following courses:

  • United States History (1 credit)
  • American Studies (1 credit for Social Studies and 1 credit for English)
  • AP United States History (1 credit)
  • AP American Studies (1 credit for Social Studies and 1 credit for English)

Students have the option to take one of the following electives, which open up at the sophomore level through the senior level:

- Sociology

- Psychology

- Economics (digital, or blended learning)

junior year
Junior Year

Students must take the following course(s):

- American Government (.5 credit); and one of the following:

• Global Politics (.5 credit); or

• International Diplomacy (.5 credit)


Students also have the option of taking:

- AP U.S. Government and Politics (1 credit); or

- IB History of the Americas Year 1 and Year 2 (Higher Level)

* This option is a two year commitment

junior and senior electives
Junior and Senior Electives

Students can take the following course(s):

- IB Philosophy Year 1 and 2

- IB Psychology (Standard Level)

- Sociology

- Psychology

- Economics (digital/ blended learning)

- AP European History

- AP World History

modern world languages

Modern WorldLanguages

Mrs. Michele Engberg

Mrs. Elenita Irwin

Co-Department Chairs

languages offered at djhs
Languages Offered At DJHS
  • French & IB French
  • German & IB German
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Spanish & IB Spanish
  • Chinese
why a world language
Why A World Language?
  • Our global economy needs more bilingual citizens
  • Language learning enriches the high school experience
  • Required by most colleges and universities
which l anguage to schedule
Which Language to Schedule?
  • Student interest  higher motivation  greater success
  • Make the choice to study one language and continue for five years
proficiency is the goal
Proficiency is the Goal
  • Language Proficiency: One’s ability to use language for real world purposes to accomplish real world linguistic tasks.
  • Emphasis is on the skills to communicate rather than on memorization of isolated vocabulary and grammar.
clubs and travel opportunities
Clubs and Travel Opportunities
  • Christmas In Stephansplatz | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
physical education health department

Physical Education & Health Department

Mr. Nathan Maust

Department Chair

requirements to graduate
Requirements To Graduate
  • PE 930 .25 Credit Grade: 9-12
  • PE 931 .25 Credit Grade: 9-12
  • Health 921 .50 Credit Grade: 10-12
phys ed electives
Phys. Ed. Electives
  • PE 932 Elective Grade: 11-12
  • PE 934 Personal Grade: 10-12

Physical Fitness

  • PE Helper Grade: 11-12
physical education curriculum
Physical Education Curriculum
  • Group Instruction
  • Individual Instruction
group instruction
Group Instruction
  • Archery
  • Badminton/Pickle ball
  • Basketball/Volleyball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Floor Hockey/Handball
  • Super Circuit-weight training
  • Softball/Flag Football
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
pe waiver
PE Waiver

Students who have participated in District-sponsored interscholastic athletics, marching band or cheerleading for at least two (2) seasons while enrolled in grades 9-11 may be excused from one-quarter (.25 credit) of high school physical education requirements.

• Students can participate in one year of two different eligible activities or sports, or two years of the same eligible sport or activity.

• Club activities or sports are not eligible for the waiver.

• Seniors will not be eligible to apply for the waiver.

• If your student is interested in this waiver option and he/she is eligible to complete this option, an application is in the Couse Selection Handbook on page 6 or can be picked up in the guidance office.
• Students electing such an option shall complete one-quarter (.25 credit) unit or more in PE classes , which is designated by the BOE as meeting the high school curriculum requirements.

• If a student gets cut, quits, or becomes academically ineligible or removed from a team and does not participate in 2 additional activities, they will need to complete the PE requirement for graduation.

• A high school student who has not fulfilled their PE requirement prior to the beginning of their senior year will be scheduled into PE classes.

enrichment specialist

Enrichment Specialist

International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme

Mrs. Karen Kendall-Sperry


• • IB CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Project Open House also on March 4 at

6:00 – 8:00PM.

• Come and see IB student’s work and display and attend the informational meeting.

other departments
Other Departments
  • Applied Science
  • Business
  • Performing Arts
  • Special Education
  • Visual Arts
The previous slide contains departments whose courses will fill electives.
  • Each of our departments has a booth in the commons to answer your questions.