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Curriculum Night 2014-2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Curriculum Night 2014-2015

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Curriculum Night 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curriculum Night 2014-2015
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  1. Curriculum Night2014-2015 We know every child by name and by need!

  2. 3rd Grade Team Cindy Bruce ELA/SS Jennifer Findley Math/Science Jennie Kibbel ELA/SS Gail Vopelak Math/Science Kim DardenELA/SS/Math/Science

  3. Tonight Parents Will: • Understand their role in the parent community • Know ways they can be involved in their child’s classroom and school • Understand the role of a student at Lakeview • Understand the rituals and routines that make Lakeview a successful Learning Community

  4. Lakeview’s Mission Lakeview Elementary will help students and parents set goals based on clear expectations, teach the curriculum, assess and monitor students’ progress, help students provide feedback and appropriate safety nets in preparation for a rigorous middle school curriculum.

  5. How We Communicate • Bobcat Binder • Email • Monthly Newsletter from Teachers • Newsletters from Mrs. Seltzer • Newsletters from PTA • Teacher Websites • Remind Texts

  6. Remind • Remind is an app that allows us to send text messages about important class information.    • Mrs. Bruce: @mrsbruce3 to 469-242-6444 • Mrs. Darden : @mrsdardento 940-441-4406 • Mrs. Findley: @findley7 to 832-397-6382 • Mrs. Kibbel: @mrskibbel to 817-769-6607 • Mrs. Vopelak: @mrsvop to 469-242-6626

  7. Teacher Webpages

  8. Grade Level Newsletter

  9. Online Grades

  10. Login Screen

  11. Home Screen

  12. Alerts

  13. Workshop Model • Reading, Writing, and Math all follow the workshop model. • Workshop model consists of: • Opening • Work period • Closing

  14. Opening – The teacher introduces a topic, skill, or concept to the entire class. This gives the teacher an opportunity to model her expectations • Work Period – Students practice the skill while the teacher gives individual or small group assistance • Closing – Students share our their learning with the whole group. The students become the teacher.

  15. Reading and Writing • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook • Goal Setting • Anchor Charts • Reading Logs • Book of the Month

  16. Reading • Big Concepts for Reading: • Comprehension – Understanding our reading • ~Making predictions • ~Making connections • ~Retell and summarize • ~Making inferences and supporting with text evidence • ~Main idea • ~Cause and effect • ~Understanding character traits and character change over time • ~Author’s Purpose • ~Non-Fiction Text Features

  17. Reading Students apply these strategies to self-selected and/or assigned texts.

  18. Writing Sample

  19. Writing • Big Concepts for Writing ~The Writing Process: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing ~Personal Narrative ~Expository (inform, explain, describe) ~Reading Response

  20. Conventions to Secure ~Capitalization and punctuation (expectation for writing in all content areas) ~Simple and compound sentences ~Contractions ~Recognition of fragments and run-on sentences ~Commas in a series ~Verbs, nouns, adjectives

  21. Spelling • Weekly Spelling - 18 words ~Words are a combination of concept words, high frequency words, and words that follow a spelling pattern. ~Pre-Test on Monday. Students who make a 100 on Monday will not be tested on Friday. ~Tested on Friday.

  22. Million Word Challenge • Third Graders must read 30 chapter books • 3 picture books equal 1 chapter book • 12 picture books is the maximum number of picture books • Record completed books on the Reading Log in the Bobcat Binder • Only books read independently will count • Students report weekly to homeroom teacher about what they have read • Progress is tracked on a graph – students should always know where they are in meeting this goal

  23. Million Word Challenge

  24. Million Word Challenge

  25. Math New Curriculum ~Origo Stepping Stones ~ Problem Solving Block (30 min) ~Stepping Stones (60 min)

  26. Math Math Workshop • Teacher models problem and new strategies, • vocabulary building • solving problems • Attentive listening • participating and discussion • Students work in solo time, with partners, and in small groups

  27. Math First Six Weeks • The First Twenty Days ~ Many skills will be covered during this time when we set up classroom procedures and expectations for 'Math Workshop.'  • Module 1 ~ Place Value, Multiplication and Capacity • Module 2 ~ Addition and Subtraction - will be continued into the 2nd Six-week period

  28. Math • Second Six Weeks • Module 2 ~ Addition and Subtraction  • Module 3 ~ Multiplication and Time • Module 4 ~ Place Value and Fractions • Third Six Weeks • Module 5 ~ Division and 2D figures • Module 6 ~ Multiplication and Fractions • Module 7 ~ Multiplication, Division and Graphs

  29. Math Fourth Six Weeks • Module 8 ~ Addition, Division and Mass • Module 9 ~ Multiplication, Division and Algebra • Module 10 ~ Area and 3 D Figures Fifth Six Weeks • Module 11 ~ Subtraction and Fractions • Module 12 ~ Fractions and Perimeter Sixth Six Weeks •  to be announced!

  30. Science • In third grade we will use HMH Science Fusion workbook and student notebooks. • Inquiry Process-asking questions, planning and conducting investigation using appropriate tools and techniques, and thinking critically and logically about relationships between evidence and explanations. • Night of No Limits will display student inquiry and Problem Based Learning (PBL) projects.

  31. Science • Units of study include: • Matter • Force, Motion and Energy • Earth and Space • Life Science

  32. Social Studies • Integrated in Language Arts as we read, study, and write about Social Studies topics and ideas. • BIG IDEA for the year: • People work together and independently to contribute to their community.

  33. Technology In Action • iPads and Netbooks Students will build and practice technology applications skills such as: • Understand that files can be saved in different ways • Format a document by changing font, font size, page layout, etc. • Utilize multiple tools to create an original digital product • Create, present and publish original works individually and as collaborative groups (graphic organizers, presentations, pic collages, graphs, etc.) • Understand responsibilities and their impact as a digital citizen • Techno Expo

  34. STAAR ~3rd Grade STAAR testing dates Math – April 21, 2015 Reading – April 22, 2015 ~Multiple Choice ~Approximately 45 questions ~4 hours to complete ~Covers TEKS for 3rd grade

  35. Math STAAR Question

  36. Reading STAAR Questions

  37. Conferences • We will schedule a parent/teacher conference with all our parents • Teachers will contact you to set up a conference. • If at anytime you would like to meet with us, just let us know.

  38. Homework • Language Arts: • Spiral Notebook • Reading passage, comprehension questions, coding, finding text evidence • Assigned on Monday, and due on Thursday • Homework is reviewed and discussed in class to ensure student understanding • Homework is not graded per NISD policy

  39. Homework • Math Homework: • Given when classwork is not completed at school • Given as needed to reinforce skills taught in class

  40. Physical Education • Grading Scale: 3 = E Exceeds the Expectation 2 = S Meets the Expectation 1 = N Needs Improvement 0 = U Unsatisfactory • The Summative Grade consists of weekly skill based activities. • The Formative Grade is a citizenship grade based on behavior.

  41. Physical Education Six Week Units: • 1st Volleyball Lead Ups, Traditional Games • 2nd Soccer Lead Ups, Fitness Gram • 3rd Tumbling, Holiday Games • 4th Football Lead Ups, Jump Roping • 5th Basketball Lead Ups, Fitness Gram • 6th Baseball Lead Ups, Track & Field *Home Access Center is a numerical based program. Your child’s grades will not be accurately reflected until report card time. *For questions or clarification regarding grades, please contact me at

  42. Destination Imagination • • Creative problem solving program • DI teams are coached by parents • Looking for parent volunteers • Contact Mrs. Oster with questions

  43. Report Cards • Parent conferences for all students the first 6 weeks of school • Progress reports each 3 weeks • Report cards each 6 weeks • Notify the office if you want a paper copy sent home

  44. Discipline • Lakeview Bobcats are respectful, responsible, cooperative, honest, and appreciative of others • Positive reinforcement – Bobcat Bucks for good behavior • Students earn rewards as they collect Bobcat Bucks • Behavior calendar is located in Bobcat Binder – please check and sign • Calendar is signed by the teacher when expectations are not met

  45. Lunch • Visitors are welcome for lunch with your child. Please sit at the guest table with your child. • Our lunch period is a 30 minute time frame from 11:15 to 11:45 • Ice cream - students may buy a treat during the first 15 minutes of each lunch period. • Free fruit and veggie cart available daily

  46. Birthdays • Store bought cupcakes or treats may be brought to the office. Treats should be dropped in the office by 1:00 pm. • No cookie cakes please • No peanut products please • Invitations are to be passed out to the entire class if necessary • Including paper products as needed is greatly appreciated

  47. Attendance

  48. Questions?

  49. Teacher Contact Info Cindy Bruce 817-215-0797 Kim Darden kdarden@nisdtx.org817-215-0773 Jennifer Findley 817-215-0769 Jennie Kibbel 817-215-0783 Gail Vopelak 817-215-0772